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  1. Dave S

    Hanging LED pendants - ONF flat one (2")

    Hi everyone, I've shut down my EA1200 tank and am selling off the lights. These are two ONF flat one pendants. While running the tank was as shown in the photo below: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VcKyJpdvYdB8HhLi6 These lights have been great, plenty of power (I ran them at 35%) and algae...
  2. CooKieS

    'slow death of a roots', 17l optiwhite nano aquascape

    Hi, Found the inspiration for this by walking in the forest...would like to create something very natural looking, with simple plantation. Tank 31x21x25cm, 17l, optiwhite fireaqua Sunsun mini canister filter 400l/h Onf nano led Tropica soil Ancien stones Ada la plata Sand and gravel...
  3. CooKieS

    FireAqua 17l nano low tech 31x21x26cm

    Hi there, Starting a New journal as this nano used to be my epiphytes nursery and I've décided to scape it and Host some fishes in it. Here it is After rescaping , don't mind the pale kessai Wood that is just in, it will be as dark as the river wood in some weeks. Specs: Fireaqua 31x21x26cm...
  4. CooKieS

    40x28x30 "The Ent" 30liters CLOSED

    Hi there, So my plan was to rescape my 60p and use this small 30liters tank as an temporary Home for my living stock during the rescape...BUT, I found that my lovely jungle Roots faits perfectly in there so...let's sell my livestock and scape this nano for an dragon betta! :-) Here's the Gear...
  5. tayloss

    ONF Flat Nano LED Light

    Hi All, I will post a review of this light once it arrives from Taiwan, but I have seen a few people use this light on a nano tank, and love the fact it has a built in dimmer function, which my current light (Dennerle Power LED 5.0) doesn't without an inline one:- It also has a ramp up and...