plant nutrients

  1. Joel Smith

    Some Plants Dying

    So I just went through the process of rescaping my 90Gal tank--from the ground up. I added 2x54 T5HO lights next to my Hagen LED, an additional API XP3 Large, and I added Fluorite sand and gravel substrate. I replaced some of my old plants and change my layout quite a bit, but a few of my...
  2. M

    Weekly nutrient consumption in planted aquarium

    I would like to share with you the results of my three-months experiment with real consumption of nutrients in planted aquarium. I weighed the plant biomass (live weight) which were produced in my aquarium regularly (after each trimming). Every time I did some trimming in my tank, I thoroughly...
  3. John P Coates

    Plant Nutrient Intake

    Hi Folks, I would like to better understand the mechanisms by which aquatic plants take in nutrients. Firstly, are aquatic plants equally able to absorb nutrients through their roots and leaves? Which of these do they prefer? Some plants, e.g. Anubias, are normally grown on driftwood or rocks...
  4. Imthesnail

    Why use Nutrient rich substrate?

    Aquatic plants take up nutrients through the leafs and roots. To feed the plants through the leafs people dose the aquarium with liquid nutrients and to feed the roots you use nutrient rich substrate... So my question is how long does the nutrient in the soil last? Or does the liquid nutrient...
  5. gary lee

    fluval edge carbon satchet

    Does the carbon satchet in the fluval edge media neutralise any plant ferts used?