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New Member
19 May 2020
Albany, NY
Hi all,

I've been struggling for a while now with the color in my Rotala Rotundafolia Green. I've had this tank set up since November and haven't been able to get the proper vibrant green out of my plants. Rotala Green, being a fast grower, shows the most egregious signs of the pale growth as seen in the attached pics. I dose EI from GLA Dry Salts so I'm stumped as to what could be missing. Originally. I wasn't adding MgSO4 to my macros because I thought the Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ would provide enough Ca and Mg for the plants, but adding Mg helped reduce some deficiencies I was experiencing earlier in the tanks life. These pics were taken this morning. You'll also notice the rotala is sort of weak in its structure. It sort of slumps and isn't tight and upright like you see in healthy scapes.Fortunately I have the CO2 and lighting dialed in so I'm not experiencing any algae on my plants. Just need to see what I'm missing to achieve healthy color.

The Setup:
UNS 60U (about 19 gallons)
Seiryu Stone
UNS Controsoil (seachem root tabs buried in soil)
Pressurized CO2 (5bps, on 2hr before lights, off 1 hr before lights, lime green by 2 hrs after lights on)
Twinstar 600S LED (8 hour photoperiod: 1 hour ramp up from 0-80%, 6 hrs at 80%, 1 hour ramp down from 80%-0)
Oasebiomaster Thermo 350 filter at max flow.
Temp: 22 celcius

EI Macros/Micros from Green Leaf Aquarium Dry Salts
Macros (500ml bottle) 20ml dose - Dosed every other day and always on water change day after changing water:
KNO3: 23.1g
KH2PO4: 3.5g
MGSO4: 96g

Micros (500ml bottle) 30ml dose - Dosed every other day. Was originally dosing 20ml but upped to 30ml 1 week ago to see if it was a micro deficiency. No results yet
GLA EDTA + DTPA Micromix: 5.8g (GLA EDTA+DTPA Micromix - 1lb (Jar))

100% 0 TDS RO Water remineralized to TDS 150ppm. 50% water changes every Sunday. Originally remineralized during water changes with SaltyShrimp GH/KH+, but since adding the Mg to my macros 2 weeks ago, the TDS at the end of the week gets to 300ppm, so I haven't been remineralizing with SaltyShrimp during the water changes. Instead, I just add my macro dose during the water change which gets me to TDS 190 or so.

I've been struggling with this poor coloration in my greens for a while now and can't seem to get down to the bottom of it. What am I missing?


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