1. Heather Walford

    Please help to identify this aponogeton!

    Does anyone know what type of aponogeton this? Would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Crazy_Walrus

    How do plants prefer their nitrogen?

    Do plants prefare amonia, nitraten nitrite or pure nitrogen? EG would the plants benifit more if I used a filter media that turnes nitrates into pure nitrogen that can eb consumed or gassed off?
  3. jaypeecee

    Choosing Aquarium Plants For Soft And/Or Hard Water

    Hi Folks, I very recently got myself a copy of Diana Walstad's book, Ecology of the Planted Aquarium. In this book, Diana Walstad discusses plants that are suitable for soft vs hard water. Plant requirements on plant labels may specify lighting, temperature and CO2 requirements. But, they don't...
  4. Tudor Williams

    Can anyone help a first time aquascaper

    My tank is now four weeks old and I have had this problem for the last week, before this problem started all my plants were growing brilliantly, I have a full carpet and no algae issues now starting with my carpeting plants all my plants are turning brown all of a sudden, there still growing and...
  5. Hanuman

    Tissue Culture

    Hello I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried its hands on producing tissue cultured plants? Also for the most expert people here what would you reckon the investment be in setting up a tissue culture lab. By lab I mean lab like conditions without the whole shebang. Thank you.
  6. D

    What plants are these?

    I am thinking of buying the Mini Complete tank: And one aquascape really striked me: Can someone tell me what plants, rocks, sands they used? I want to re-create this:
  7. C

    Hi all 1st time post so please be gentle ☺️ So... I’ve had my tank for a couple years and been trying plants for around 6-8 months. Really struggling with BBA and holes in my amazon sword. I’m trying low tech with regular (weekly) water changes of 50%. Don’t dose anything in there. Done...
  8. Gaina

    What are your nitrate - guzzling plants?

    What are your favorite plants to help control nitrates? I'm having high nitrates at the moment and have ruled out the usual suspects like over feeding, over stocking, filter malfunction, dirty substrate and decaying plant matter (and I'm regular as clockwork with my water changes). I...
  9. Pricey32

    Need some tank maintence advice

    Hey guys Currently im running a 125l juwel tank with the bioflow with gravel & plants Im doing my maintence roughly every 2-3 weeks, but what sprang to mind is when im siphoning my tank should i really being trying to get the bits of crap burried underneath or should i be concentration more...
  10. Ryan Young

    Lobelia Cardinalis

    My Lobelia Cardinalis looks very healthy and is quite bushy, and now forms a main area of my tank. My only question is... does anyone know why/ how this plant has gone from having a nice purple under leaf to fully green? I can rule out lighting as all my other plants which I believe to be more...
  11. Ryan Young

    Need Opinions!

    Hi all, have had my 200 liter tank running for a while now and had a load of problems for ages such as algae dying fish etc. I have finally sorted all these problems and now want some opinions on my tank- changes I could make etc. Bare in mind I have just done a large clean and therfore cut my...
  12. C

    Plant ID Plant ID please. Was sold as Ludwiga Repens Ovalis. Thanks
  13. happydays2126

    Any ideas on what these plants are?

    Green and white leaves, not even too sure if its aquatic I'm really new to aquatic plants Green leaves with a purple edge along them
  14. Aqua Hero

    Fish as c02 source for plants

    if you have the right amount of fish for you tank can they provide enough c02 for the plants to survive? in this case that plants arent very demanding
  15. Aqua Hero

    Beamswork Green Element EVO plant LED vs Beamswork Hi Lumen Planted Version

    Beamswork Green Element EVO plant LED vs Beamswork Hi Lumen Planted Version im currently using a dual T5HO fixture which is working wonders for me but having to buy T5 bulbs every year is costly compared to LED units. i have been searching around and i found these two LED light units from...
  16. Aqua Hero

    hygrophila polysperma leaves curling

    hi i have hygrophilia growing in two tanks. the hygro in my 30 gallon is the one that has the curling leaves. the leaves at the bottom are straight and green same for the hygrophilia in the shade of the guggy grass. the leaves that are closer to the light seem to be affected. for a few months i...
  17. Aqua Hero

    plants filtering the water

    do plants really absorb ammonia and nitrite and if so how well do they absorb it
  18. Aqua Hero

    does anyone know what these stem plants are called ?

    i have actually have three stem plants i am unaware of but in these photos you can only see two of them. the plant massive bush of stem plants in the middle is on of them and the small dark green hygrophilia is the other one. the first plant (light green bush in the middle) was really had...
  19. chris_cotton23

    Moss ID please?

    hello guys!! i am trying to identify two types of mosses and i am a bit or very confused i would say!!:crazy: this is a link that you can compare as i did but..... any help would be more than appreciated !!!thank you very much!:) first and second photos are the same...
  20. Jason Blake

    Advice needed for a 60 Litre Planted Aquarium

    Hi, I an new to this forum and forums in general, so my apologies if my etiquette is not quite right. I have been given an Aquael Hexaset 60 litre aquarium. It is hexagonal shaped (which is proving to be a very difficult shape!) holding 60 litres roughly 15 gallons of water. I would like...
  21. Luis Batista

    Tropica Plant Grow: Specialised Vs Premium

    Hi all The only difference between the Specialised and the Premium is that the Specialised have nitrogen,phosphor and micros and the Premium jjust have micros and no macros right? The Specialised, that is the green one, have all the micros that the Premium, the brown/light orange, have right...
  22. AnnLupeT

    Where I got my plants

    Hi! i just wanted to share how some aquascapers propagate their plants here in the Phil :D I envy them for living next to river :D I'm planning to have a pond like that too :D
  23. John P Coates

    Why do we aim for 30 ppm CO2?

    Hi folks, I get the impression that 30ppm is the target CO2 concentration in planted aquaria. If what I say is correct, why is 30 ppm CO2 considered optimum? Looking at the Tropica aquatic plants website, I see that many, if not most, plants are happy with less than 15ppm. That being so, I am...
  24. Daz2162

    Beginners aquascape

    Hello everyone, After reading a few journals on here and everyone sort of asking for more journals to be made, especially new tanks etc I thought id share my story and progress! Im going to generalise the last year or so and get into more detail when the journal becomes more recent It all...