pressurised co2

  1. M

    Use pressurised CO2 and liquid together?

    Hi there - I'm hoping to get some advice on using both pressurised CO2 while also dosing a liquid CO2 such as Seachem Excel? I remember reading somewhere that some people did this to help with algae control, in particular brown hair algae (which is something that I've had issues with in the...
  2. Carbondioxide

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  3. Lola15

    New to CO2, please help!

    Ive looked online but can’t seem to find out whether I’ve set up my pressurised co2 system properly (it came with no instructions) I’ve made a quick video, if anyone knows what I may have done wrong, I’d appreciate your advice, thanks!
  4. Jakwondo

    First co2 system fish safety tips

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site although I've visited many time this is my first post. I've been running tropical tanks for over ten years I've nearly always had live plants I've always wanted to use co2 but I'm scared of killing my fish( my tank is a rio 300 with with tetras and catfish all...
  5. Aqua Hero

    How long will 5kg of c02 last?

    In the the near future i may use pressurized c02 but one thing thats bothering me is how long it lasts. i have looked at some many posts on different forums and i still cant get a decent answer. the tank is 120-145ltrs dual 24w t5 unit which are on for 9 hrs a day 7-10x turnover from filter but...
  6. Paks

    LF>CO2 Set

    Hellow Ukaps. Can you guys please recommend me a CO2 set that is cheap and good. I live in Philippines so money is a big deal for me. I used ebay and saw regulators w/ soleniod. But i dont know what tank does it fit. It says 21~22mm. By the way my tank is 16gals and my set-up is for Iwagumi...
  7. Richardbunting

    Feedback New goodies....

    Hi all, Im looking forward to getting my co2 bits and bobs. Cant wait.....
  8. Cherry

    Dosing with PO4

    Hi, wanted t ask why the heck did I buy a bottle of "Easy Life Fosfo?(PO4) someone recommended it to me but I cant remember why - and now having( a little) more experience and reading on here ,everyone spends theur time trying to keep the PO4 levels down? I don't have trouble with algae (crossed...