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  1. R

    Regulating co2 working pressure

    I am hoping someone can assist with the following problem. First of all, I am very new to this, so I could be doing something very simple wrong. I recently bought a CO2 art regulator, and I am having a very difficult time using the working pressure knob – notably reducing the pressure to...
  2. Carbondioxide

    Pro Elite Dual Stage Regulator

    Our top-rated dual-stage professional CO2 regulator has a lot to offer. We know you take your asquascaping seriously. Whether your working on a 5-litre nano scape or an epic 5000-litre masterpiece, our Pro Elite regulator is more than capable of giving you total control. Run several planted...
  3. Carbondioxide

    January sales 20% off everything

    If your looking at changing your diffuser or starting a new aquascape in the new year, visit our website and take advantage of our January sale. discounts available across our entire range of products until the 5th January. www.co2art.co.uk
  4. Carbondioxide

    Black Friday sale 30% off everything online

    Take advantage of our Black Friday sales now while stocks last. Our Dual Stage Pro-SE regulator is only £84 when you use our special discount code; BF30 at the checkout. Click here to save right now.
  5. Carbondioxide

    New Paintball-Sodastream-Disposable Adaptor

    It's now easier than ever to select the correct adaptor to connect your pro series regulator and your source of CO2. Whether its a disposable, paintball or SodaStream bottle, you can choose the perfect match from our website. What's your favourite source of pressurised CO2 for your aquascapes?
  6. Crazy_Walrus

    CO2 regulator

    Hi I'm looking for a CO2 set up for my 140L tank. I'm currently looking at regulators and they seem to be the most pricey bit. Anyone recommend any that are sub £100? I don't have a Huge budget but want to give my plants the CO2 they deserve.
  7. H

    First Co2 system - advice?

    Hi all! So I’m looking to purchase my first co2 system for a 15g tank. I’ve found one on co2supermarket which seems to be highly reccomended by the lovely people here on the forum. I just have a few questions before I take the plunge. Firstly concerning the choices for ‘Solenoid Type’. What’s...
  8. Kalum

    Feedback CO2Art - 9/10, could easily be 10

    Bought a new dual stage kit from CO2Art last week which arrived quickly and nicely packaged. Impressed with the quality of all the kit for the price and is always nice to see good value doesn't need to mean the quality suffers. Spoken to Karol regarding a few things with setup and their...
  9. K

    Connecting a Dennerle Comfortline C02 Regulator to a Fire Extinguisher

    All, I have a Dennerle Comfortline C02 Regulator designed for use with disposable bottles - see pictures. Any ideas where I could source an adapter which will allow me to use this regulator with a 2Kg fire extinguisher? Thanks in advance. kom
  10. Aronnie

    Co2 Working Pressure

    Hi I have a dual stage regulator from co2 Art with adjustable working pressure but whenever I adjust the needle valve to get more bubbles per second my working pressure decreases meaning I have to increase the working pressure again. Is this correct? Thanks Aron
  11. Nick_593

    CO2 regulator leaking? //

    Hi there appears to be CO2 leaking from the back of the pressure dial on my CO2 regulator. I'm wondering if this a common fault with a CO2 regulator after several years?... and should I be concerned?. Thanks
  12. K

    BPS with UP Atomiser.

    Hi all, I have a concern, since I've been running my UP atomiser I've been having to run my co2 at a very fast bps to get the drop checker to go green. There is no way to count the amount of bubbles and the tank looks like a bottle of 7up. I don't think it's leaking as there are no bursts of...
  13. John P Coates

    Does anyone own a JBL m001 regulator?

    Hi folks, Please go to my latest post, dated 10 July 2014 where I have asked an additional question (shown in blue). I would like to know if anyone owns a JBL ProFlora m001 CO2 regulator. This is the one for use with reusable CO2 cylinders. My understanding is that it is not a two-stage...
  14. Kyle Lambert

    refer a friend... with co2art

    not sure if this will violate the t&cs but im sure the post will get ripped down if it does. basically i have just ordered a regulator from co2 art. Im not sure if any of you guys are looking to buy regs or co2 equipment any time soon but if you do and you arent already an account holder with...
  15. Kyle Lambert

    co2 help... again

    so basically im trying to do this on a budget and have decided i need some help answering a couple of questions... would this ... Co2 Regulator Single Pressure Manometer for Aquarium R4 | eBay fit a FE? also would i be able to fit a solenoid at a later date to the item? ive just found that...
  16. Nick_593

    Dual stage CO2 regulators for Aquaria- CO2 Art?

    Hi guys. Has anyone had any experience with these CO2 regulators by any chance? Dual Gauged CO2 Regulator Aquarium Home Brew | CO2Art.co.uk - CO2 Aquarium Specialists Whats the quality like etc? (as their a lot cheaper than other ones I've seen)? Thanks a lot, Nick
  17. Richard Dowling

    What is "End of Tank Dump"

    Hi All, I have a 2kg FE with a 2 Guage Solenoid Regulator with adjustable working pressure and also a threaded knob next to where the CO2 tubing attaches which if you turn it releases or decreases flow (I think??) Ive just read about End of Cylinder Dump which is not something Ive ever heard...
  18. jojouk

    C02 Fire Extinguisher setup question...yes another one...

    Hi, I have been reading, and reading, and reading, and I am pretty sure that I understand most things. I have purchased all the necessary bits and pieces, and Im ready to set it all up, but have a few questions. I bought this of a fellow forum user: aqua medic regulator, separate needle...