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45P Nature Aquarium Mountain Aquascape

Who loves mini bucephalandra? :)
45p-detail-shot-2-nigel-hoevenaar by Nigel Aquascaping, on Flickr
Congrats Nigel, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next :thumbup:
FTS please? :nailbiting:

Congrats! :clap:

When the works are published mate wait a bit as usual haha :)

@Nigel95 , A big congratulations, fantastic result. :clap::clap::clap:

Side note, the wording on the certificate is really interesting.
"To increase possibility and creativity in Aquascaping world, IIAC will focus more on water plants dominant layouts in the feature"

Haha that text is just a copy paste from last year letter. I think especially IIAC is a contest that is heavily in favor of a lot of (colorful) plants but still more scaping (with hardscape) not like dutch style. And they want to promote it that way. Of course moss tanks will always be in the top as well if executed almost 'perfectly'. Maybe the judges are a bit done with the overly done moss tanks from the last years in contests. I am personally a huge fan of it but I can appreciate every style. All styles can be made aesthetically pleasing IMO.

Wow massive congratulations!!! Very well deserved if previous works are anything to go by :)

Thanks for the kind words bro.

Need a full tank shot
Well done mate

Later hehe! :D
Looks great but we need a FTS!

I'm curious -- are you allows to share FTS that aren't the exact one you submitted or not FTS at all?
End result

Needed to change a lot of the plants that I planned to use initially. 45p is really small for a brazilian style!! Hemianthus Glomeratus was a perfect fit scale wise and easy to make bushy last minute. Also my tap water with 9-10kh and all this limestone rock wasn't handy in the first place with all the stem plants. I finally pulled the trigger to go RO and it was the best choice I ever made!

I hope you will enjoy my creation. The title of this work is The Garden of Eden.

Nano aquascape aquarium by Nigel Aquascaping, on Flickr