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7gal Shrimp only - "Forgotten Glade"

SteveUK said:
I managed to count 4 shrimplets this morning :) Added a Nerite snail to help out with glass cleaning. GSA is starting to take hold a little, so going to do a water change this evening.

My dosing regime starting this week will be:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 1ml TPN+
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 1ml TPN

1.5ml Easy Carbo daily.

Rest/Water change Sunday. Anyone think this is overkill? Maybe drop the TPN to twice a week perhaps?

So do you mean no ferts or Carbo on the day you do the water change? Isn't that the day you need it most? If you want a 'rest day' (rest for who - you, the plants or the shrimp?) then wouldn't it be best to have it on the day before the water change, when there's likely to be a bit more nutrients in the tank from the weeks dosing? Then you can do the water change and immediately dose those delicious nutrients for the plants. Or will you do the water change after lights out on the Sunday, and then dose before lights on on Monday?

Just a thought - I'm not really familiar with the point of a 'rest day', or an expert on them!

I think it's a term I'm bringing over from the EI dosing threads/regime's I've read in the past. Theres no logistical/plant orientated reason for it other than it sounded like a good thing at the time :lol:

Perhaps it should be a normal TPN+/EC dose day. Going by the Tropica dosing guidlines I should be dosing about 5ml per 50 litres per week. As I have 25 litres (rounding down - no veratious growers in the tank) perhaps I should be dosing 3ml per week (1ml three times a week - Mon/Wed/Fri?) I can't remember if TPN is the same dosing amounts as TPN+. Assuming it is, perhaps I should do:

1ml TPN+ - Mon/Wed/Fri
1ml TPN - Tues/Thurs/Sun (after water change)
1ml EC daily?
In a similar sized tank I dosed 1ml TPN+/day and 1ml EC/day... Seemed to work and kept the algae at bay. I think I read somewhere here that if you follow Tropica's recommendations you add approx. 6ppm/dose of KNO3, so dosing the Tropica recommended dose three times a week would be close to EI numbers. And why dose TPN if you dose TPN+ as well?
I want to dose both as an experiment. One of the tropica folks said to Graeme at the Glee show recently, that they have been testing dosing both on alternate days at tropica with good results. I realise TPN+ has all the trace elements that TPN has, plus NPK, but as this was "straight from the horses mouth" I thought I'd give it a shot, seeing as I have both at home :)
Surely that suggests that the traces aren't high enough in the TPN+ mix?!

Liking the tank, it'll look even better when the mosses are attached to the stones and you can remove the threads.

You were talking about greaseproof paper being to brown for the background, have you tried tracing paper, same etched effect but white. Might be a bit to bright for this scape but worth investigating.
Egmel said:
You were talking about greaseproof paper being to brown for the background, have you tried tracing paper, same etched effect but white. Might be a bit to bright for this scape but worth investigating.

I was considering that. I might be able to light it from behind in a cool way :D

I've just taken a few update pics. The Staurogyne has bushed out reasonably well. I might need to prune it back in the comming weeks and stimulate some more bushy growth. The moss covered slate has covered nicely :)



I've added a spraybar to get a better flow front too back.
Thanks :)

I've managed to sell all of the riccia now. That was an idea for another tank which is now out of the window. Can't be bothered with the maintenance :lol:

Don't worry Teg, if you're reading this. I bought it all from Teg for a quid if I remember, and it has grown, but I'm going to donate any profit (except postage) to UKAPS :)

I have some Pellia from UlsterExile floating in a pint glass at the moment. I'm considering getting rid of the fissidens slates and having some small stones with pellia on instead. Not sure though, it might not look like I want it too...
Yeah, theres already a few bits wedged into my mosses :rolleyes:

I've looked at the fissidens slates again tonight and I hadn't noticed but they've filled in quite nicely. I think I'll stick with them for now :)
This tank should look terrific when the moss has caught up. Make sure the Bolbitis doesn`t take over.

It is becoming a bit of a monster in my 120cm and not quite the slow grower I thought.

Taken some pics this afternoon :)

Shrimplet! (I really need a better lense!):


Difficult to get up close, any advice on a cheap macro lense for an EOS300D?

Feeding time. I've noticed they've nearly all coloured up nicely now:

This root is proving to be a good posing spot:

Full shot. That riccia will be gone this time tomorrow :)

Next to it's "Big brother" (90cm):
I like how it's evolving, it looks great, like a 'forest' type thing, really natural.

I didn't notice how small the shrimplet's were either! I only saw Amano shrimp a month or so ago and only realised how small they were then, so god knows how small the shrimplets are in real life. Probably a speck of dust!
I just noticed a pregnant female :)

I'm noticing the tips of a few of the java ferns are turning a dark green, suggesting a defficiency. Any ideas what this could be?

I'm dosing 1ml TPN+ and 1ml EasyCarbo per day. The Staurogyne seems pretty happy, as does the P. helferi (white growth is slowly growing out).
Few pics I took yesterday:

Foreground. P helferi doing OK. Still a little white but new growth is looking better:

Young shrimp and baby shrimp. Amazing to see the difference in size :)

Any thoughts on the dark tips to the java leaves?