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A Little Slice Of Nature


8 Feb 2012
Hi everyone just thought would make a start on my new journal , it will be a while before plant as currently decorating house and very busy but hopefully get a chance to start some hardscapes and play around.

Tank-EA aquascaper 900 with concrete grey cabinet.
Filter-oase biomaster 600 thermo (until newer model that is more powerful that george mentioned is coming soon comes out) with aquascaper lilly pipes
Lighting-twinstar 900s
Extras-Twinstar sterilizer
Co2-Pressurised co2 with co2 art dual stage reg and inline diffuser
Ferts-APF EI starter kit

Hardscape will be manzinita wood and mini landscape rock.

Substrate will be tropica aquarium soil and sand. I wil be going for triangle composition again as like a bit negative and open space and hopfully plenty of plants and keep manageable and i am hoping some reds .

A few pics below to start hope you all enjoy as i enjoy all your jurnals and sure i will need plenty of help along the way.


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Watching this one with interest, mine will be delivered in the coming weeks. Sudden influx of as900s
i noticed there is a few now so feel under pressure also for anyone interested i emailed EA about the overhang on side peices and front peice of glass and its totally normal as the bottom peice is fully supported around edge by the frame and sylicone must be enough for the outward pressure of sides and front and back so gives a bit peice of mind.

And yes i have purchased good hardware as it worked for me last time and reliable brands, just hope the oase 600 is enough but hoping to hear more about a new model coming out soon and if so i can upgrade.

I am going to fill with water later to test as i have leveld best i can and more or less level .

Thanks for all kinds words and all your help for me to get to this exiting point, should be finished decorating soon hopefully but house still upside down.


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Watching this one with interest, mine will be delivered in the coming weeks. Sudden influx of as900s
You will be very impressed with quality of the AS 900 and litterally just legs to screw in that is it the cabinet and frame is very light and look great looking forward to your jurnal mate


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Syphon straight into garden then put bucket in sink use mixer tap to get to temperature and use the above pump in bottom of bucket to pump into aquarium so no more buckets.


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that’s my plan too for the 80p ;)
Awesome tank Dean. I slightly envy your tank on a hard floor as you will get no issue when trying to open the doors (I have thick carpet issues) :)
Look forward to following the journal mate, some nice equipment and making water changes easier is definitely a good thing :thumbup:
Going to run a dark cycle while you finish the decorating?
Hhhmmmm not sure i havnt even messed around with hardscape yet i am wondering if i should leave full and put my manzi wood in there to soak for few weeks or just put them km blue bucket there are already in, filled today to test for leaks and seems all ok , does a dark start start the biological bacteria off.

Thanks dean

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Yeah it worked a treat mate //emoji.tapatalk-cdn.com/emoji106.png
About to do my water change. I used to lug 6x25l cans around. Now I use pump to pump water from rainwater butt into a tub by tank. Leave over night with a filter. Pump tank water into garden and fresh water into tank. 140lt water change in about 40 minutes.
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