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Aaron's 216l journal!

Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

saintly said:
i bet your well chuffed with the tank aaron. looks like some great bit's of hardscape too! :D

and yes, the best team became champions....AGAIN!

i love it, and IMO it is better than the fluval roma due to having no rim :D

The wood is a nice colour, the stuff on the bottom had been soaking for a few weeks in some buckets but i couldnt see the true colour, only the larger pieces that would fit in are floating lol.

I have way more than i need too which is a good thing! :rolleyes:

Thanks James, just the plants & fish now 8)
Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

the cost so far! :bored: worth every penny though ;)

Re: Aaron's 240l journal!

i have just got a cover for the top, more for the fact that i might keep some hatchet fosh which are "known" jumpers :?

I bought 2 x plastic cover sheets which is used for photo frames. they cost £6 each, from wilkinsons, they were cheaper at Asda (£3 :wideyed: ) but it was pointless travelling to Sheffield just for them ;) i needed to go down Town anyway.


they are very thin, (2mm) so crack very easily as i found out :rolleyes: but that gave me the excuse to cut out a hole for feeding :lol:

I just scored it with a stanley knife, then snapped it very carefully (and i mean carefully). Overall not a bad job:


Only use if you have a small tank, or, like me you have a brace bar in the middle otherwise it droops in the middle. No reason why you can t double them up though ;)

Thanks for looking.
aaronnorth said:
Thanks a bunch Paulo ;)
Hehe anytime, just like to make life easier, but does get boring now doing water changes, less chance of misaps lol
Looking foward to seeing the tank up and running fully planted :)
thats exactly how i do it. pump it out the tank to a drain. then to fill, i fill up a large 40L bucket and dechlor it. then pump the water from that up to the tank. then while its doing that i use a 15L bucket to keep topping up the 40L. it saves me lifting a bucket up to the edge of the tank and trying to gently pour it in, trying not to disturb substrate, fish and plants!
i could do with a bucket that holds about 70L. where can i get one? or a bin - you know the round black plastic ones that say 'NO HOT ASHES'.. where can i get one of those!

if you wake up in the morning and your bin has gone..... 8)

Nick16 said:
to the edge of the tank and trying to gently pour it in, trying not to disturb substrate, fish and plants!
i could do with a bucket that holds about 70L.
Why use a bucket?? Mine goes from the tap straight into the tank and has been for the last 4 years, and don't use dechlorinator either, never had a problem with fish or plants!! You could also had the dechlorinator if you wanted to while the water is pouring into the tank.
because i have verrrry wierd taps that i cant get a hose pipe on. they are also mixer taps so i cant get a steady temperature. oh and not to mention the boiler....... :twisted:

sorry if that sounded a bit snappy! :oops:

i am so efficient at my method, it works a charm. not to mention having to buy lots of hose to reach from my tap to the tank.