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Bleach Stains?

Will let it sit overnight, put in the wash tomorrow and report back 👍

What has my life come to...
Probably get locked up for this... but I've just mixed up a solution of 1.09g of seachem safe in 100ml of boiled and cooled water, so probably 5x the strength of prime. Going to test this and see what happens , also put a bit on a sponge to see if it reacts with cellulose.




Edit: my maths is way out, will correct tomorrow.
In the meantime let's try it with 5g of safe.
Extra edit... 5g in 100ml of water is about 25% stronger than prime. Sorry for the confusion.
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I've been following this thread, it's absolutely hilarious! Goodness knows what the op thinks regarding their original question....it's got completely out of hand!!
I now have an indelible image of all male fish keepers dancing round in their undercrackers (or a manikini if they're daring) at water change time & all female fish keepers pirouetting in their bloomers! 😂🤣
I now have an indelible image of all male fish keepers dancing round in their undercrackers
it's got completely out of hand!!

I suspect it can deteriorate a little more.

So test no2 (seachem safe) has dried out and hasn't left any stains, will do as @MirandaB suggests and put it through the laundry, hopefully in the interest of science it will come out with a tie-dye pattern.

So to bring this thread somewhat down to earth again, I believe @Fuzzy Shaq most likely "bleached" his clothes with Seachem Prime :geek:

I checked the samples this morning and I dont think I need to put it through the wash (for those inquiring minds who absolutely must know, they were old leggings that needed retirement :crazy::lol:)

The Prime has had a pretty visible effect.

Please excuse the brown fabric at the top, I tried to do a swatch on a more "obviously synthetic" fabric, but that turned out to be highly water repellant so it didnt really work out :lol:
The carbo product I used is a bottle of "Happy-Carbo" which expires in 2023, so its possible that it has lost a bit of its bite and could have made a bigger effect.
Im not sure im looking to go out to buy another bottle just for science though 😄


So depending on your fabric choice Seachem Prime can definitely do some damage.