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Bugs you might encounter in your aquarium


12 Jul 2021
This is a wonderfully informative thread that is both nice and horrifying.

Regretfully, I got another mystery to add to the list :c

They are small black dots that sit on the glass bottom of my tank eating waste, and visually pepper silk plants when viewed close. They do not climb glass walls. Using digital calipers, they are somewhere around the 0.5mm range, if that, so they are quite small. Here is a video under a cellphone attachment microscope at 60% or so magnification

I have tried, and they SURVIVE...
-Scrubbing the tank in dawn soap ((Probably missed a spot in the filter))
-Seachem ParaGuard
-Seachem MetroPlex
-Copper Power Green - 1.40 ppm ((Hanna checker))
-Seachem Cupramine - 0.25 ppm ((Hanna checker))

They may be harmless, good for the tank etc etc... but they freak me out a lot because they look like mites and I don't want to put my arms inside the aquarium. Is there a medication that will kill them and not fish that can be purged enough I can put inverts back in after water changes and charcoal? Is there a fish that is small enough to eat them that Angelfish can't catch in a 120? Is there at least confirmation they are not parasites that will harm my fish? I am really unsettled and wish I was ignorant :c Out of sight out of mind...

Bonus Question - I think the copper killed these from my tank, but a positive ID could still make me more comforted if they come back. They were the size of powdered sugar haze on the glass, and this is 200% or so magnification. Makes me think of little planaria, but the size and speed of movement throws me off.

Thank you all for your time! It is greatly appreciated so very much.
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