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    According to the attached short cut: 750lph or 200gph ... eview-page

    The other way of checking is to obtain a large container say 10 litre and time how long it take to fill the container. if it take 1 minute to fill - knowing there are 60 mins per hour - 60 x 10 litres = 600 lph of flow per hour, you will probably find that the 750 lph is when the tanister is empty, once the media has been added the flow rate is reduced - to what degree of reduction in flow rate has been induced by add the media - who knows but the avove test will show this.

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    You can check the flow rate by using the filter to fill a measuring jug up. Time how long it takes, then work it out from there. Most filters are way overrated anyway as they are tested without media or hoses attached. You can expect a drop off of up to 40% when running it with media and hoses.

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