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Co2 and Lights


New Member
23 Jul 2009
My palnts arrived today and I have planted up the tank.. Now i have set the timers for the lights to come on at 1 in the afternoon and off at 9 in the evening... Co2 to come on at 12.00 lunchtime and go off at 8 in the evening.. Also will be adding TPN+ Daily (The weekly amount devided by 7) Does this sound o.k or do i need to alter it.

Regards Zac.. ( Lights are 2.3 wpg..and Co2 pressurized, Tank size 125 litres and have planted 12 plants various sizes).

Hope this is the correct place for this?

Simon D

22 Sep 2008
Sounds OK, without more specifics of your tank (filtration/flow/CO2 distribution method/fauna) it's difficult to advise one way or another.

From the information you have given so far, I would go for CO2 on 2 hours before and leave it at one hour before lights off. This regime will only help and not hinder most set-ups.

EDIT: Re-Read- Is this a new set-up? 2.3 WPG is high lighting and a photoperiod of 8 hours is a bit big to start with, I'd start with 6 hours (max) and do some more research before going full on.

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