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CO2 Refills...

I've hooked up with a guy who gets them as hes' part of a Health and Safety company. The last batch I bought 5 off him and he's now got another 10 x 2Kg bottles for me. Works out at £4 each which is great if you can store in a garage/shed.

Do some digging and you can hook up with someone in the trade who'll offload to you in bulk if you can store them. I then take my used once to the local tip as it has a gas canister drop-off.

My LFS wanted £25 to refill a 2Kg bottle which is crazy.
Thanks. I phoned Gas Uk this morning and they only have 10k and upwards bottles available which will be too big for my cabinet. They also won't fill bottles unless it's one of theirs so that kind of counts them out. I may have to go down the fire extinguisher route if there's nowhere else available. How do you know you are buying a full fire extinguisher when getting an out of date one and its not going to be half empty? I suppose shaking it perhaps?

I had the same problem with Gas UK.
Recently I found this...

Brentex Gas LTD.

Paid £10 for 5L. Bit far from Swinton and open only on weekdays. Filling the bottle was like 5min. If you need a bottle to be tested they can send it out. They are not doing that at the place.

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Hey guys, long time since I've been here - but I thought it might be a good thing to pop in and recommend a great guy for CO2 (in 2kg and sometimes 5kg bottles) for ridiculously cheap compared to commercial options.

Been visiting him for over 5 years now, currently has quite a few bottles (must be 20+ at least) for sale, and he also contributes toward a Mongolian Children Fund from the proceeds (ask him for specific details) which I think is nice that sustaining our hobby can help others.

Great guy, his name is Phil - PM me for his number (don't want to add publicly in case the spider bots pick it up).

Located in Flakwell Heath (nr Beaconsfield) which is dead handy for us London lot.

Hope this doesn't violate anything - if so please remove & accept my apologies.
just had a helpful chat with a business near coventry called the beer and gas man. he said £20 to recharge a 5kg cylinder, but also said that if he had an influx of new customers following on from me posting this here we may get better pricing.