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Dennerle Scapers Tank 35 Litre "The Red Ring"

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G H Nelson

Global Moderator
14 Dec 2008
Hemel Hempstead
Hi Everyone
I decided to set-up a Planted Tank in the kitchen!

Hard Tap-water

Dennerle Scapers Tank 35 Litre.
Width 400 mm
Depth 320 mm
Height 280 mm

AZOO Flex - Mini Nano Led Black.
Changed to ONE Flat Nano on the 1st Jan 2021.

Co2 Equipment.
CO2 Stainless 1 Litre Steel Cylinder Carbon Dioxide Generator/ Reactor system with
Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser

Citric Acid/Baking powder mix.
100 grams of each plus 150ml of Distilled water.

Dennerele Corner Filter.
Switched to APS Hang on Side Filter 500l.
Switched again to Seachem Tidal 75.

Dragon Stone

JBL Dark Sand 5l.
Dennerle Nano Shrimp Gravel Sulawesi Black 2l.

Anubias petite
Bucephalandra Catherine mini
Bucephalandra Kedagang
Bucephalandra Kedagang mini
Bucephalandra Theia Dark
Bucephalandra Tri-colour
Cabomba red
Cryptocoryne flamingo
Cryptocoryne Green geko
Cryptocoryne Albida brown
Cryptocoryne Becketti
Cryptocoryne Red
Hygrophila difformis
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Ludwigia arcuata
Mini Christmas moss
Nymphaea zenkeri
Rotala sp mix
Salvinia sp

1. To increase the height of the hardscape I've made up a large Haggis with the use of a black pond filter bag, filled with Seachem Flourite substrate black.
Haggis Large  (Custom).jpg

Intended to have a slope from the back left to the right but this restricted space for the filter so pulled the haggis into the middle of the tank.
Added the JBL sand and built the ring of dragon stone.
Dennerle Nano Scapers Tank..jpg 1.jpg

The hardscape will be glued with Bondic when it arrives!
Bondic has been delivered this morning so made an attempt to bond some of the rocks together!
Bondic Plastic Glue. (Custom).jpg
So using the Bondic worked reasonably well, time will tell if the Dragon Stone falls apart after I add water😉.

6. Added some pebbles to block up the gaps around the stones!

7. Added some inert gravel with root balls/tablets ontop.
Substrate  balls..jpg

8. Plugged some more of the gaps with black filter sponge...then added more gravel.
Scapers tank Collage Gravel..jpg

9. Proceeded to attach Bucephalandra sp Theia dark to the 2 larger background rocks using superglue these will go back into the aquarium when 3/4 filled.
10. Tapwater added.... a touch of surface scum, so added a small skimmer.
Skimmer. (Custom).jpg

11. Water a tad cloudy...think its mostly coming from the root tablets/balls🙁
12. Added some stems as floaters...... Hygrophlia sp difformis to aid with filtering the immature aquarium.
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13. Proceeded to test water parameters this evening, 2 days after adding tapwater.....surprising no nitrite detectable:happy:
The floating plants must be doing the business of sucking up any ammonia.
Nitrate is below tapwater ppm:thumbup:
15. Okay, The Dennerele Corner Filter wasn't cutting the mustard!🙁
Therefore was looking for a hang-on filter that will give me some decent flow around this set-up!
Stuck for limited space so opted for the
All Pond Solutions Aquarium Hang on Side/Back External Filter 500L/H
There have been mixed reviews on this filter regarding leaking etc.
I've set it up this morning, no sign of any leakage atm:thumbup:
I'm quite impressed with the price and the performance considering it's under £25.00 delivered!:happy:
hoggie 🍻
16. Added Red Root Floaters to help with filtration.
17. Removed the skimmer.
18. Moved the Co2 diffuser to under the intake strainer.
19. Removed any dying or discoloured leaves:thumbup:
Hi Crew
Merry Christmas🎅
A little update.....had to remove the Anubias petite about 5 pots worth🙁 a couple of weeks back.
A few started having the dreaded bacteria/fungus root rot/mush....don't know how that came about?
I have a lot of Bucephalandra in there also...so best idea was to remove them all and bin them 😡
Hi Crew
Merry Christmas🎅
A little update.....had to remove the Anubias petite about 5 pots worth🙁 a couple of weeks back.
A few started having the dreaded bacteria/fungus root rot/mush....don't know how that came about?
I have a lot of Bucephalandra in there also...so best idea was to remove them all and bin them 😡
Could it be a lack of flow in that central well? I'm really enjoying this scape and find it very inspiring. Many design ideas I like. Think I would like to try something like that in a future project.

All the best

20. Removed the Azoo light and replaced it with One Flat Nano.
21. Added Rotala sp mixture....colorata/rotundifolia/H'ra.
22. Added ramshorn snails a few months back to help clean up diatoms and general leaf cleaning:thumbup:
23. Added Hygrophila sp difformis and Cabomba furcata to give some cover over the Bucephalandra.
Morning H,

I’m really drawn to the Scaper’s ratios and have a 28l Blau with the same curved front sides. Find I lose some viewing clarity square-on from each edge to about an inch into towards the front centre. Is it the same with the Scaper? (i.e. its a pay-off for round edges).

Interesting about cover for Buce. Now I think about it the bunch I have in some almost permanent shade just happily gets on with things whilst the more exposed bit is less happy. Might try a bit of relocation.

I like Dragonstone and using it ‘sideways’ works well in that scape. I haven’t found a way of doing so in a mock up but this gives me hope. The tones and raggedness against foliage compliment each other to my eye.

Like the National Geographic picture format, saturation, vignetting and crushed exposure.

Are you staying away from fish and further inverts?

A lot of knowledge for me in this project.

All the best

Hi Big G
Thank you for the kind reaction to this aquascape!
I think you only get distorted if viewing directly for about half of an inch.....then the closer you get the distortion disappears.

I may be moving to a new location...so the introduction of more livestock has been put on hold, although not been a great lover of snails....I don't think I
would start a new aquascape without Ramshorn snails 👍from now on!
The pictures are not the best quality...but you get the idea of what can be done with a smaller aquarium.
24. Cabomba furcata removed did not do much growing in this aquarium.
25. APS Hang on the side filter removed....due to constantly purging of air bubbles!
26. Replaced with a Seachem Tidal 75.....plugged the intake with sponge to slow down the turnover!
27. Heater placed inside the Seachem media basket, will need to monitor the temperature over the next few days.
28. Added JBL TorMec to help lower the water hardness parameters.....😉
Seachem Tidal 75.jpg

Hi. Really just enjoyed reading through this.
I think that you picked all of the things I was also tempted to try out including the filter (but didn't) Co2, Hob.
Also watched every review regarding the seachem hobs. Thats a great idea with the filter/heater. Good luck with that and really interested to see how it looks on the tank as they are quite large. I have the same tank with a Pat Mini filter. DIY CO2 etc and love it to bits. Did you go for the Columbo Bio Co2? I looked into that also! Bit expensive for me though but it looks great.
Thanks mate!
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