Dosing All-in-one


2 Sep 2008
North Yorkshire
I spend a lot of time away from home so have to manage my 325ltr tank around my schedule. When I go off I usually do a 30% water change and add the equivalent days dose of James' All-in-one to cover the days I'm away. Usually about 3 x the normal daily dosage. I have noticed that after one of these larger doses, plant growth is greater than normal. Last week I went away for 4 days so added 4 x the daily dosage and when I returned was amazed at the growth rate.

This has left me wondering if either, it's better to use less frequent larger doses or maybe my normal daily dosage needs increasing. I usually add 30ml of double strength All-in-one which is 50% more than that suggested in James' feature.

I have also been using Flourish Excel recently so that must have had some influence but I did notice this trend before that.

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