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EA600 high tech jungle, fingers crossed!

Harry H

10 Jul 2018
Emsworth Hampshire

First, I would like to say a thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I would not be able to attempt to have a high tech tank if I haven't found this forum. I have read a lot, seen inspiring tanks and layouts in here, I hope some of that sticks in and helps me along the journey.

Evolution Aqua 600
Kessil A160WE Tuna Sun
Eheim Pro 4+ 250
Pressurised CO2

Prodibio AquaGrowth Soil
JBL Sansibar River Sand
Mini landscape rock
Wood (not sure what type it is)

Rotala rotundifolia
Limnophila sessiliflore
Cryptocoryne becketti petchii
Cryptocoryne wenditii tropica
Cryptocoryne undulatus
Cryptocoryne crispatula
Microsorum pteropus narrow
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Lobelia cardinalis
Sagittaria subulata
Anubias petite,
Anubias barteri nana
Bucephalandra sp. 'Red'
Staurogyne Repens Tissue Culture - Tropica 1-2 Grow
Alternanthera Reineckii ''Mini' Tissue Culture - Tropica 1-2 Grow
Taxiphyllum baebieri Tissue Culture - Tropica 1-2 Grow

To be decided yet, but I like green neons, and I want a feature fish or two, maybe a blue ram pair? not sure

CO2 @ 2 bubbles a sec, 24/7 first week (trying to take advantage of not having any fish atm)
EI dosing, macro micro alternating days, using starter kit, 18ml of the mix, as it says on the leaflet
2ml daily EasyCarbo
6 hours light on 50% intensity and colour (too much?)
50% water change first week every other day, then every 3 days next two weeks etc...

Day 2, after first water change

20181014_215824.jpg 20181014_224504.jpg 20181014_224515.jpg 20181014_224533.jpg 20181014_224557.jpg 20181014_224603.jpg
I would advise a pH profile, the only ''real'' way to see if the CO2 functions good.
Compare it with the pH from a glas of water you took out half a day ago.

@Edvet, yes, I would like to do a profile, I dont currently have a pH pen, not sure if it is worth doing the profile with API pH kit? I have low and high pH strip tests, do you think it is worth giving it a try without a test pen?
Day 9
Added some smaller stones in front, removed a stone on LH as it was blocking the flow, had very little melt on crypts so far, stems growing fast. Replaced glass diffuser with a small bazooka, much smaller bubbles. Also removed the fern in the middle, will get some trident fern from AG. Bought a smart Wi-Fi surge protector, now I can control and schedule everything using my phone. Changing water every other day, dosing schedule and bubbles as before.

20181021_224345.jpg 20181021_224406.jpg 20181021_224444.jpg 20181021_224506.jpg 20181021_224515.jpg
Great start very impressed :clap:

I would second what Edvet surgesting about the pH profile. Your in the golden window with no livestock so getting the CO2 right with the aid of a DC and pH pen or pH test strips will pay of long term.
I would keep turning the BPS up till the DC turns yellowish/green then turn it down a bit. Check if the pH is stable when lights are on note the target pH. Then after a full night to degas see how long it takes to reach the target pH 2-3hrs is about normal then you have your CO2 pre lights on time;)

I use a CO2 bazooka in my 50l and I have it placed so that the bubbles rise into the output jet of water from the Ehiem Skim, works well for me with the bubbles being jetted to the other side of tank and lots go right down to the bottom of tank.

The Ehiem Skim can be an Otto/shrimp trap do use the Green mesh which Dave at Aquarium Gardens uses and it works well.
Day 17

Slight adjustment in tank, removed LH side big stone, the plants behind it were melting, I removed Alternanthera completely as well, I might give it another go after the tank is matured more, I do want some redness in focal point. Everything seems to be growing alright. Added some Christmas Moss from other tank too. Sticking with the same schedule, EI dosing macro and micro on alternate days, CO2 running 24/7, drop checker yellowish green. I will order a Hanna pH pen this week.


20181029_190739.jpg 20181029_190751.jpg 20181029_190801.jpg
Looking really nice, seems much bigger than 60 cm long. T

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I can't see a co2 drop checker in your photos. There not desperately accurate and take a hour so to respond but I wouldnt try a high tech setup without one.
They provide a great quick check, For example when I got back from work yesterday I noticed that it was a darker green than normal.. Checked and the co2 bottle is empty.

On the same note also keep spares co2 bottles, I've got 4 - 2kg fire extinguishers.

Ps tank looks great, you've done a great job scapeing it
I can't see a co2 drop checker in your photos. There not desperately accurate and take a hour so to respond but I wouldnt try a high tech setup without one.

I have a drop checker, RH back corner, you can see its reflection just under the lilly pipe.

On the same note also keep spares co2 bottles, I've got 4 - 2kg fire extinguishers.

I have a spare full one ready, waiting its turn in the garage.

Ps tank looks great, you've done a great job scapeing it

Thank you! :)
Week 7

Down to twice a week water changes, CO2 comes on 3 hours before lights on, turns off 1 hour before lights off. Kessil Tuna Sun on full power. Drop checker light green. Added 8 amanos and 4 otos two weeks ago, and added 6 red eye tetras last weekend. Plants are slowly filling in, I had to remove some Sagittaria subulata to make some space for crypts to grow. Added a large Anubias Nana in the middle of the wood, it is growing surprisingly quick.

I decided to try making a short video, not the best, better next time hopefully :)

Looks great, amazing how a little movement changes the feel of a scape. Nice work. T

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