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EHEIM 350 Skimmer Mod Pictorial

mike L

6 Apr 2017
The Eheim 350 is a powerful and compact little surface skimmer, but like many it seems, I've lost a few fish to it because it's intakes are a tad wide. I've employed many mods to try and tame this unit, but this one is the best I've come up with to date. There are many 350 mods that will protect livestock, but somehow they impair the skimmer's ideal function by hampering the water's natural surface tension around it and affecting it's "suck." Anyhow, having searched the topic within the forum, I discovered that a good looking variation on my mod has already been submitted, so I include a link to this in order to add breadth to the topic.


If perchance this mod of mine has also been trialed and submitted previously, then I can only claim ignorance and muse that great minds do indeed think alike!! lol....

Anyway....here it is.

mod 1.jpg

mod 2.jpg

mod 3.jpg

mod 4.jpg

mod 5.jpg


Mike :)
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