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Ehiem micro skimmer 350 review.

Cheers guys, here's what I have picked up after 2 days of use.

1. The surface is still crystal clear

2. It has caught a couple of shrimp, they are still alive though.

3. I test the tds everyday for the sake of the rams, and keep it at a pretty constant level. Over two day it normally rises about 30ppm, so water changes have been about 2-3 times a week. Over the last two day of this running its only risen 10ppm. I'm not sure whether this is because before when the tds meter was being introduced into the water, the film stuck to the electrodes and gave a false result, or that the scum of the water adds drastically to tds.

Will report back in a few days.

I find the surface of the water gives false, but consistent readings.

So this must be due to the surface film. I find if i pull the TDs meter out, then put back in water, it counts down from the same number as before.

The problem is that I can't fully submerged the meter. The readings certainly go up in a couple of days though. As you say thought they are pretty consistent.
It does until it gets going. What you should do is start it on the low flow setting, give it a couple of mins, then ramp it up to full blast. The bubbles will stop.
Good ain't they, I still use mine at nice to oxygenate the tank and also clear any scum. It's working a treat at the moment.
Just the info I was after :)
Just received mine today, ordered from Ian's local; 'the Aquarium' as per the earlier link :) A little more expensive than eBay, but supporting shops I don't mind a few quid here or there....anyway, opened the box and....

.....nice little touch :)

Put it in the tank and I'm amazed at how good this tiny skimmer is, my surface was clear in literally 3 minutes!



Really pleased with it.

I'll second that. I had a oily layer on the surface of my tank that i kept skimming off with absorbent paper and within a few days it would be back. After 2 days of using the Eheim skimmer and rinsing the sponge it has gone and the water surface is so clear its probably increased the amount of light it lets through by at least 25%. I had the same problem with mine blowing tiny bubbles a lot so i just left it on about 1/3 full speed.
If you are using a Juwel internal filter, pop a length of 16mm PVC pipe vertically in the filter on top of the floss/foam, cut to required length so the end slightly below the surface and bingo home made skimmer. Works well, though can gurgle, also tends to "sink" after a while and stop surface skimming, also blocks easily and but is easy to remove. But for quick surface cleanup is ideal.
Ady, how do you find the fish with those Haribo sweets? mine luv um!

i filled the skimmer up with them, i thought it was special skimmer filter material :facepalm: :banghead: ill take them out quickly and feed them to the goldfish ;)
I'm waiting for mine to be delivered - I have a skimmer on my inlet pipe which works brilliantly but having had to change the filter it no sucks in air so I get bubbles blown into the tank and no matter what I try I just can't stop it - so I'm hoping this will resolve it. I have read that it does let in bubbles but I'm going to follow the guidelines of starting it on low...
Hi Carl, and welcome to the forum.
I keep mine on the low setting and it doesnt bubble at all except for a split second when switching back on. Ive never tried the higher setting.