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"Fallen Wilderness" Nine Months Later


14 Nov 2008
On a mountain in the Highlands of Scotland
John, its been a while, shall we dance :lol: :lol:

I'm afraid I have now left the "Corner tank" club because I have sold my Trigon 190. I have just got to be nice to the domestic authorities until she lets me get a Juwel Rio 400 that I want plant up and put Discus fish in.

Re: your question about lighting, I have still got the old T8 central light unit bar that goes across the middle. I replaced it with a T5 unit instead.

Gyles Westcott at TMC showed me how to remove the ballast and prepare it for the TMC Aquabeam Tile and the 500 strip.

I decided that I was not going to throw any more money at it so sold the tank instead. If you know anyone who fancies going down the LED route they can have the strip for free, just the cost of the postage.

All the best,

Until the next time,


I'll happily take the strip off your hands. I'm slowly moving more and more of my tanks onto LED, that would be awesome. Ill pm you.

Do you have an eta on the discus tank? I love amano's classic ones. He really shows off the fish. :)


3 Jan 2013
Hi Steve,

Can you please let know the fish that is in this set up ??
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