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...and after far too long the tank eventually arrived! It was significantly easier to move from the van into the house than my previous float glass aquarium that had an 860 litre capacity. The finish is very good indeed all seemed worth it in the end, just hope the floor doesnt collapse... :wideyed:

Pic below is of the initial filling, sorry its a bit dark.

Realy huge tank
I'l awaiting next Yours posts-journal.
Very interesting

congrats and well done.

i bet you are wetting yourself with excitement everytime you wake up and realise what you have designed :)
Thanks guys, its been exciting and hard work, had taken the week off to set up, so much to do. Lol the guy who delivered the tank asked whether i had a Wife or girlfriend or am i getting divorced now. :D

I have been trying to recycle some of the wood and hardscape from the previous setup...everything is so expensive in this hobby!

Anyway still have not thought of a great name for this scape, but i have known for months roughly how it would look...yes as I mentioned somthing of the Junglesque.

Anyway does Blue stone and wood go to together... I was not sure, but then I had to use what I had, bank balance is looking pretty unhealthy at the moment.

There were basically two formations I was going to go for either bring the two tree stumps closer together and create a mound effect or space them apart more with somthing of a valley between. I went for the latter, this being the formation I kept going back to. I know its not anything spectacular or ground breaking, but i wanted it to be pleasant.
There are always physical constaints and in the photo below there left tree stump was right up against a brace, thats as far as it could go, on the otherside of the brace it would have been too far left.



The scale and the detail of that is incredible, unlike most tanks its not a miniature copy but looks like something you'd actually see on a woodland walk. Most people use redmoor or similar to recreate a tree stump but you actually have tree stumps! On that scale thats not 'scaping, more like landscape gardening :thumbup: . Are you keeping that left hand part with an open sand foreground? Very very nice.
OMG!! Great stuff, love the detail in those HUGE tree stumps, keep up the good work.........I'll be keeping a close eye on this!

Cheers Ben
where did you get those stumps from if you dont mind me asking....

i know it may sound a silly question, but i presume they are real?
Hi yes they are real, some kind of hardwood, I tried to hack in to the flat surface of the smaller one to see if i could try and make it look more of stump from a natural tree fall instead of a cut one, but no luck its tough and then I was concerned about damaging the butresses.

Funny enough (re landscape gardening) I got it from the water garden section in Shirley Aquatics earlier in the year when they had a sale on. I dont think it was a regular product, when I asked the staff person in question seemed uncertain if they would be able to get anymore, either that or was just trying to make a sale. There is one still there but its about 4 foot high! Have not seen any others since.

Speaking of redmoor, I have used this aswell, ill post some pics. Not 100% sure about it, but i have to remember this is a jungle scape for rainbows and these redmoor roots have java fern growing on them, it is also an attempt to balance out the scape a bit especially on the left tree where it is a little to the right of where i wanted it. If you can see the back wall I wanted the stump to come up to there because i was going to use black backing to hide the wall. It would have been a good division between the open two side view and the area where you can only view from the front.
that stone placement below the tree stumps is sweet, i love the main stump it looks so natural. i cant wait to see it planted! :thumbup: :thumbup:
Now that is looking Awesome!!! Looking forward to the rest of the project! Subscribed! Keep up the good work, just a shame the second trunk does not go all the way to the surface, that would look even better.
Looking epic, could you tie loads of bolbitis or java fern around the cut top of the smaller stump? T
TBRO said:
Looking epic, could you tie loads of bolbitis or java fern around the cut top of the smaller stump? T

Funny you said that...


Full of bubbles...


Evening shot with only Plant pros on:


Thanks for all the kind comments guys, I know there is lots of room for improvement. I am 10% unsure about the redmoor, but as i have mentioned many times already, its meant to have somthing of a jungle feel, perhaps the edge of a forest by a stream, maybe a sunken forest...some bugger had chopped a tree down and now the forest is claiming it back :p