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Alastair said:
a window removed? bet that wasnt cheap ha ha.

ive read that on another forum somewhere about the limpopo changing colour, cant remeber where i saw it now. Are you sticking with the sand then?

Yes i think so because the plants have been growing in for a month or so and it would not be an easy process to remove it. However i want to cap it to darken the substrate and the only thing I can find is dennerle quartz sand that comes close. I think there is somthing strange with the latest batch of Limpopo sand, it doesnt seem to be inert as it should probably be and on its own raises the water hardness.
easerthegeezer said:
Hey Sanj, amazing tank, really looking forward to seeing it in its new home. Did the PFK article with George and Marks photo shoot ever happen or did the move interupt those plans..?

No unfortunately, initially the tank had not been established long enough and then I was away and then the prospect of moving arose.

However I hope I dont have to move again in the near future and this tank should have the opportunity to settle in and mature. :D
Ok well, its kind of become a bit of jungle and perhaps needs some selective trimming. Actually a jungle is what i want, rainbows suit it better than pristine aquascapes, just a jungle with some structure.

I do like how "nature" can take over an do its own thing, very different from how I originally envisaged. Photos do hide a lot and one can see more of the tree trunks in person.

The Rainbow Haven in its (not so) new location:


It's a whole new world up here...Mr stumpy grows a bush:

Still the fish seem to like it, they also like eating bits of it...RIP hairgrass lawn.
Mightily impressive, and an incredible effort moving it all....but worth it like you said.
Would be nice to see some detailed shots too.
Is the red tailed black shark still a resident?
gobsmacked. what an epic setup, love the emerged growth.
Thanks George.

Yes solid concrete floors this time around, apparently some people think I bought the house for the tank. :lol:

RTBS is still going strong. A lot of literature speak of them getting more aggressive with age, but that really isnt the case with this one, seems to have mellowed more.

Only four torpedos left, all mature 6"ers, sad thing is one of them is doing the fast till death thing. I have seen this happen a few times with this species. They stop eating, seperate from the group and hover in amongst the plants for months on end until finally they are too weak and die. Any ideas??
Fantastic tank, can't imagine the effort to move it. I worried over redecorating the living room and having to move my 125 litre tank... Great work!
Sanj, have just finished reading from start to finish. Cant say anything that has not been said a hundred times already, but WOW ! Keep us posted with pics and maybe another video when you get the chance ?