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[FoF] October 2008

I will be down all day friday, saturday & sunday, I will be mostly in the UK Discus area, as I help run that, but when I get chance I will call round too see you all again @ UKAPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look forward to it pal :D
Hi all,

I know it's probably too late to ask, as you're probably all already heading down...

But does anyone know what time the ukaps planted tank demo will be on Saturday? I don't wanna miss it...
Superman said:
Hi all
Just in the car with john and Steve.
UKAPS road trip baby!
Lucky for some hehe I am still waiting for confirmation on the weekend work, hope I can make it tomorrow still ;)
Well I've exchanged numbers with Superman and I'm picking up the car this evening so I can make a quick get away tomorrow :)

Helen *Appreciating the fact she now has 'Superman' in her phone book ;)*
UKAPS is so dead with all of these people at the festival.

You'd better make it up to us with plenty of photos! :D
What a fantastic day!

Everyone mucking in, including getting some of the public to help in the planting of the display tank.

Great to meet Egmel and even "our" Lisa Perry popped in.

My photos are being uploaded as I type and have some right crackers with discus and some of the UKaps nano-tanks.

Also met a few from the trade at snailshop.co.uk (Louisa and her husband) who had some great snails (!) and shrimp.

Photos to follow...
Great photos, Clark! Thanks for sharing.

The set ups and stand look brilliant - testiment to Dan's (especially for the stand design and execution), Graeme's and Tom's expertise no doubt (and anyone else that helped, of course).

I'm gutted I can't be there this year but the call of duty and all... Next year hopefully. I'm going to volunteer to give a talk in the lecture tent too.

Did the stand get a lot of attention from the general public? If it's anything like last year it should have blown all the other stands out of the water (pun intended!)

Our stand was the best there as most were either trying to sell something or showing how good they are at fish breeding.

The public's faces were a good sight to see when they saw the little shrimp in your tank George and amazed with how "easy" it can be. Another shock of the public was that we were not trying to sell anything and I think having this neutral standpoint helped when we were discussing our tanks with the public.

IMHO, our stand was #1 for impact and visual effect. Although the discus shown were a very near second - they are so beautiful!

Just had breakfast and off to FoF at about 9:30 for another fun packed day...
Superman - Didn't realise you were giving everyone 'back home' a running commentary! Great photos, looking forward to seeing the ones from last night and today.

George - I wasn't there last year but I can definitely say that UKaps is raising the bar. I think this is shown by the fact people kept on coming up asking us what we were selling!

The guys did an awesome job and while we were on the stand we discussed a few ideas for next year, now that I'm home and while they're still fresh in my mind (plus a few others that I was thinking about on the drive home last night) I've started a thread in general discussions about how we can continue to raise the bar even higher.
Nice photos Clark!

Seems like there were good crowds there. Did I spot a broken lily pipe in one of the small tanks :D

The main tank is impressive could look good in someones sitting room, is anybody bringing that home?

Well the Mountainscape certainly looks good at that scale, I could never have imagined it that size :lol: fair play Dan the graphics and stand look very impressive, I could imagine it is the best one in the show.

The show looks better than last year from the photos, maybe you just had a better position for the stand? understandably so given UKAPS superb effort last year.

Have a great day guys, hope the weather is good to help draw the crowds.