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George's Aquascaper 1200 Nature Aquarium

Some shrimp footage....

I see in the video that you have a mix of shrimp in the tank. Are they all friendly together, I had ghost shrimp and tried to introduce Red cherries only for the ghost to kill them all. I love the tank and have really enjoyed seeing the progress. Thanks
JBL Volcano Mineral (crushed lava rock) for building height
Watching the video you've basically built the whole scape in the volcano mineral then just topped it with soil or sand.
Are you concerned about it scratching the glass should you want to change things in the future, also what about the soil or sand mixing in with the mineral?
Do you just use things the once in general?
While you're waiting for the answer, you can look at examples of how much the Tropica fertilisers are used here: https://ukaps.org/forum/threads/a-little-inspiration.29865/

Mick.Dk works at Tropipa. He has maintained many Tropica's tanks including the ones in the thread. The dosage is adjusted to plants' need (up to 200-300 ml. a week for the ~200 litres tank).

Some other tanks don't use as much, for example, the Layout 81 which is a 180 litres tank. It's 120 ml a week http://tropica.com/en/inspiration/layout/Layout81/5285

Most recommended dosage in the instructions of branded ferts are generally low. Because they don't know the plant mass and the frequency of water change, to play it safe I guess.

Wow...expensive dosing routine!