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DIY Project High flow DIY reactor - now with video


24 Jan 2009
Sorry to dig up such an old thread, but I'm looking at possibly building one of these reactors, based around a 20" housing shown here: 20

View attachment 147219

Did the vortex vein you created work John (@foxfish ), as I am thinking of doing the same thing. Do you think the wide 20" housing shown above will work well, or would I be better with a narrower housing so there is more water pressure pushing the CO2 around the outside of the inner outlet tube?
Did you get round to building/using this with success, if so, on what size aquarium (mine's 90x55x53h)?
I'm using a AM 1000 and it's not cutting it for me, having to use an inline diffuser in tandem to achieve targets, tried with original bio balls, empty and now Siporax.
If you did do have you any advice/links?
Many thanks,

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