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How to use a PLC to control your fish tank.

Unfortunately in my design I didn't use any analogue I/O. Zeus is the man to talk to, as he used both analogue inputs and outputs.

I do remember that this is how you connect a counter to an analogue output. You connect the counter count (B001) to one of the parameters of a mathematical block (B002) which then connects to the output.

You just the increment decrement the counter accordingly to vary the output. Handily you can add a multiply in the mathematical instruction so that say a count of 0-100 (for 100 steps of brightness) gives an analogue of 0-10,000. No point in having too many steps of brightness.
thank you guys. I'm building something that I will be able to play with the percentages,as input from the HMI display and use that as the maximum setting over 12 hrs up and down ramping. Found some idea's also on the Siemens support page to control stagelights. More to come.
Guys, than,ks to you and the Siemens Supportr page I build a 2-channel solution to control 0-10V. Attached is a view for 1 channel. I added a 'PHOTO SWITCH' that turns the white light to a higher level during 15 secs.


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Finally got round to latest update to version 8.2.1 :oops:, well needed to install it on laptop.

The toolbar font size was very small so edited the compatibility mode for the properties of 'LOGOComfort.exe' for 'all users' and it was sorted

Not touched my PLC for years. It just works 100%.

Did disable liquid carbon dosing when I ran out during lockdown.

Need to update sometime...
  • Running hours overflows back to 0 after 32,000 hours run time.
  • There is a spelling mistake on one screen.
  • Disable dosing if lights are on, which usually means I am water changing...