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How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

Hi. :D
Came upon this site (excellent by the way) through a internet search while doing research on planted tank fertlizing and algae etc.
Will introduce myself properly in the welcome thread.
I found it through an internet search when i was looking for an information about pressurized co2 system.
Lots of useful information here :thumbup:
Saw a post of a finished nano tank on APC forums from someone who set up this site & he linked Ukaps from there explaining in the post abit about this site. I followed the link here & signed up. It's the best site that I have found for straight up advice & infomation. It's also based in the uk which is nice with such a thriving community in place.
Hi, as I am returning to fishkeeping after about 20 years, I contacted the Portsmouth Fish Society who suggested that I could get a lot of helpful information from this site.
Hi All

Barr Report Website


nick16. His journal (in his signature) point to this site. :)
Hi, I am based in the UK and recently become more interested on plants. While browsing the net I came accross plantedtank.net, but the forum is based in the US. So I thought that there must be other plant enthusiasts in the UK, so after 10 to 15 minutes searching google I found your site.

I guess that now I have another forum to ask questions.. :)

Many thanks for providing this sort of help online for plant lovers.

was on yahoo answers and was given a link from someone names Planted,so if their here
thanks for the link :crazy:
aaronnorth said:
Yahoo answers is terrible, I started off on there and ended up turning to forums instead. :thumbdown:
Welcome everyone :thumbup:

i second that, i would say 80% of the questions on there are either about bettas, stocking huge fish in small tanks, gold fish or asking very basic questions about a fish they just bought but didnt think to ask in the shop-that is probably bad salesman-ship on the shops part though. i guess we all start somewhere-but the best place is a fish forum not yahoo. i just try to direct the plant related questions to UKAPS though and chuckle to myself when people offer advice talking of heater cables, ferts cause algae, co2 is crazy, light for more than 4 hours WILL cause algae and ottos solve every sort of algae :lol: :lol: :lol:

jaxx said:
was on yahoo answers and was given a link from someone names Planted,so if their here
thanks for the link :crazy:
no problem just plugging UKAPS :thumbup:
I actually heard about it through the website tropical fish forever. I am impressed with members knowledge,and highly recommenr ukaps to anyone interested in keeping tropical fish or freshwater shrimp in beautifully planted aquariums.

Hope this helps answer the question.

Jon :D :thumbup: :D