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JB - 60P

Yes please - I've got metal lilys and the surface agitation is risible.
@Karmicnull some pipe detail for you bud

Aquavitro steel pipes

Look great
Very nicely made
Double suction cups allow you to tilt the outlet back if you want more surface agitation (overnight perhaps)
Easy to clean and seem to stay cleaner for longer
Obviously not going to break if you’re a bit rough when cleaning them

Slightly more intrusive within the grand scheme of things
Jet type outlet can be quite intense
Not a great deal of surface agitation when setup normally

The fix:
For me atleast this is how I got round a couple of the issue…

To increase surface agitation I removed the top portion of the outlet end (beak) and manipulated the bottom section to aid water flowing upwards more. This work was done with a dremel, needle file and some water pump pliers. Picture below


I still had plenty of flow, the surface agitation had increased to a nice ripple however I found a bit of a dead spot in the RHS underneath the inlet. Ditritus would gather there frequently.
To solve this one I drilled a small hole in the bottom of the outlet as a bypass to aim some of the water down to that area. It’s worked a treat and has completely solved the dead spot issue, there has been no negative effect on flow / surface agitation as far as I can tell.



Another finding is that pea puffers are very strong swimmers despite their fin size. I had wondered when I bought the jet pipe if it would be too much for them to handle. They don’t seem bothered in the slightest. I’m quite impressed actually, they make it look effortless. If you watch them close the fins are moving so fast you almost can’t see them move at all, much like a humming bird.
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Currently under a little maintenance...

Sag grass had fully taken over, didn't seem to matter how much i thinned it out it was coming back thicker. It Killed the flow and i've suffered some BBA on a few of the slower growers.

I am very much ready to progress onto the 90p now! Just need to pull my finger out and build the cabinet.

L. Aromatica mini on its way from @Roland

I’m excited to try some new plants in prep for the 90p.

The tank is still mostly trouble free, with the largely reduced plant mass after evicting the Sagittarius I am getting some dust algae on the glass each week. Very easy to clean off though so I’m not overly bothered.

I’ve reduced fertilisation to 1ml a day of APT complete. Could have possibly switched over to APT zero as the plant load is minimal and the pea puffers are messy eaters.

I’ll continue as is until the L.Aromatica is in.

Not too much has changed with this, L.Aromatic is slowly filling out the rear, crypts have made a return, these have simply grown out again from roots deep in the substrate.

Overall maintenance is still easy at 1 50% water change a week.
Prefilter clean on the biomaster weekly and clean the glass.

Roughly every 7/8 weeks I’ll strip the hoses off and do a through clean.

Minor BBA on some of the slow grower in high flow areas and some appearing on the wood now once again in a high flow area.
I’ve not really done anything to cease this as It doesn’t bother me. Most plants in nature sure aren't perfectly grown or in immaculate condition, so I see it as a more natural approach to my scape.




Not much to update on this one,
L.Aromatica Mini has had a chop right back, crypts thinned out a bit and also cut back the mini Xmas moss as it was taking over up top.

Tank residents are now 5 Ottos, 20 horned clithon snails and a small army of shrimps.

Yes please - I've got metal lilys and the surface agitation is risible.
Snapped this during water change to show the flow flow pattern since tinkering with the metal outlet.

Works very well for me.

Lil update on this one, Aromatica Mini in the rear has been replaced with staurogyne repens and it’s doing pretty well. Still a couple of stems of Aromatic as I may use it in the 90p

Maintenance is still a breeze.

50% w/c a week
Prefilter clean
Light on 6hr a day 100%
2ml APT Complete ferts a day