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Leaving a planted tank for two weeks…


8 Dec 2019
Thanks @JoshP12. I can’t do daily water changes as it’s an RO tank but can do every few days. I’m assuming light and co2 are back as previously and what do you mean by dose back to targets? Am I starting at 50% less ferts?

I would just go back to business as usual - whatever your targets were before you left.
Sorry the devil is always in the detail with aquascaping it seems! I do find this a curious topic - going away for 2 weeks is pretty standard and this seems quite a big deal with the tank. What do people do who have say 3 high tech tanks? Is it a divisive issue re leaving co2 on or off?
It depends what you value and how well you know your tank setups.

It doesn’t have to be a big issue - you can just leave and come back and see what happens … but co2 is the most lethal so turning that off isn’t a bad idea.

Most tanks will be fine maybe some algae on return - but depends on the system - then resume business as usual with more elbow grease and patience.

I’ve left with co2 on but I knew I had more plant growth room without it constricting flow, knew the growth rates, knew that when they grow the co2 in system will go down since I had grown it out before and observed so it was easy. I also had cheap wifi camera to check ~6 hour mark … wasn’t any issues.