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Messing about


18 Jan 2016
Bored. So stuck scraps of MC, repens and rotala along with a sad sarracenia in the glass front from a washing machine door and stuck it in the green house. We'll see what happens...
Hi, the whole point of this for me is to bodge it and use whatever you have lying around. Its just general compost mixed with some sand. I chucked in some soil acidifier because apparently sarranecia like that. Water is kept so theres usually about 1cm above soil level, i have to top up daily.

Just try similar with any old aquarium plant trimmings you have. Keep the whole thing covered or in a clear bag at first then gradually let more air in to harden the plants off, then voila.

Ive just planted some hygrophila s53b and i stuck the tank cuting straight in to the soil quite deep, didnt bother trying to acclimatise. All the leaves died but new growth is coming through now.

Give it a bash. But if it ever gets trimmed ill send you some bits.
When I rescaped my nano a month ago I chucked the unreused plants in a bowl and left them in the green house. We have had a couple of light frosts since then but everything is surviving ok.
Interesting to see the Riccia growing emersed.
I presume it will all die off once the temperature really drops, but we'll see.