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My aquarium plant are not growing, and start dying!


New Member
4 Nov 2020
Hello Guys !
I am a newbie at planted aquarium, I have built my tank for about 6 days alr, I have problem with plant health since at first most of my plant are green and healthy, but now they turn dark green and start dying ?, I planted my Christmas Moss as carpet My Christmas Moss turn into dark green color, I don't see any pearl appear for my carpet ( at first day, there are pearl) and some of my plant were dying aswell.
Can you help suggest what are the action step to do, or just let it sit for a while?

Some Event:
_on the second day after planted, my tank was bacteria bloom (white cloud)
_Water changed once on 5th day ( 3rd Nov 2020 )

My tank information:
Tank: Yuemei RT620, D: 33cm x 22cm x 20cm (4 gallon)
Filter: Built-in,
Light: Yuemei T8 LED R330, 4W
Compressed CO2: 1 bubble/second
Exposed to light: 8 Hours a day


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4 Jul 2020
Moss perling when initially planted is more likely to be air trapped in the moss, rather than pearling due to releasing oxygen. Similar effect when doing a big water change.
6 days... I think you need to leave longer. You'll get diatoms (a brown dusty algae) appearing for the first few weeks anyway, plus the plants need time to acclimate to being submersed.