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  1. V

    Help identify the algae

    Hi all , I have a 30cm cube set up 3 months ago with Chihiros C2 rgb running for 6hrs with 30mins ramp time. I am struggling with algae’s I cannot identify. There are two types of algae mainly green type coating the leaves of Pinnatifidia mainly and black/brown hairy kind on hair grass. Any...
  2. V

    Help building a custom 120x60x45 aquarium

    Hi all , I am in the process of building a custom aquarium for aquascape. Aquarium will be 120cm L * 60cm W * 45cm H with 12 mm glass. My LFS is insisting on adding 4inch glass braces on both sides. Adding braces means I cannot use glassware for filter nor can I place inlet and outlet in the...
  3. Carbondioxide

    National Water Quality Month

    This month has been 'National Water Quality Month' During August, many eco-activists have been focussing on the global problems connected with hydration and water quality. Pollution and the overall presence of litter in our oceans seem to get bigger and bigger each year. The worldwide climate...
  4. Carbondioxide

    Aquariums - A family project

    OK most of us are introduced to an aquarium when our parents or a family member has one. That burning desire to own our own aquarium is born at a young age and never leaves us. In a modern world, most kids don't look away from their screens long enough to even see the TV anymore, let alone your...
  5. WaterCulture

    17L Dutch Style Nano Aquascape

    Hi everyone. id like to direct you towards our YouTube channel where we do 12 week long series (The current one is the step by step of a dutch style nano aquarium) we also upload regular shorts on the various fish and plants that we keep, We also have a poll on the channel for ideas for the...
  6. billiemackers

    Lominie asta 20

    Hi, I'm wondering if there are any similar products to the lominie asta 20 that people know of? I really like the look of the light and it seems to grow plants well from things I've read and videos I have watched. The only thing that concerns me is the safety aspect, there are quite a few...
  7. Leah95

    First Aquascape!

    Hey Everyone! I’m new to the website and the world of Aquascaping and I wanted to share with you guys my new setup! I’m very new to this so if you have any suggestions or things I could change, they would be very welcome! I’ve stated my specs below, I have been working with my local aquatic...
  8. A

    80cm Nature Style Aquascape

    Hi I am putting together my 2nd Aquascape (1st was a 30c nano tank). One of the things I find the hardest is creating a smooth transition between plants. I am looking for feedback on my plants selection and if you foresee any issues with the layout plan or the equipment. Some details below on...
  9. Nathanh2150

    Best way to soak bogwood

    Hi all collecting a Large pice of bog wood tomorrow and seeing what’s the best way to soak the bog wood to remove the brown tannings all help would be much appreciated 🙂
  10. Ganymede

    My aquarium plant are not growing, and start dying!

    Hello Guys ! I am a newbie at planted aquarium, I have built my tank for about 6 days alr, I have problem with plant health since at first most of my plant are green and healthy, but now they turn dark green and start dying ?, I planted my Christmas Moss as carpet My Christmas Moss turn into...
  11. P

    Best ferts for the plant plus the shrimp

    Hi All! I want to find out which fert is most suitable for my aquarium and shrimp. So, My tank size is 60cm * 40cm * 40cm Light: ATI Sun power 4×24 W lámpa incl. dimmcomputer: 1W/litre 3 pieces - Sylvania 865 T5 HO 24W = 5550 lm 1 piece - Eheim Freshpower Daylight T5 24W = 1850 lm...
  12. bettaguy

    Anyone got instagram for your plant photos?

    I have an instagram i often post my plants to but its mainly for my fish and aquariums https://www.instagram.com/bettaguy/ I'm really into wabikusas and plants in general right now so I'm always looking for accounts to follow for inspiration
  13. Paul Lane

    Hello from Emsworth

    Hi all, new to this site. I have been an avid pond keeper for many years, moved in my new place and now got kids so having a pond are out of the picture,so now got fish tank, and going down the road of aquascape tank with a few fish. Fish tank is up and running just waiting to buy Co2 set up to...
  14. Aqua Hero

    Confused about dry start method

    I'm preparing to do a dry start method with both carpeting plants and mosses (since they will all come in their emersed form). I literally spent the whole of yesterday reading articles, forum posts and videos on this method and there is a lot of conflicting information which is confusing me...
  15. Miss-Pepper

    Low Level Light for Racking System

    Hello all, I will soon be setting up some aquarium racking systems. I'd like to include some easy low light tolerating plants but need help deciding what lights to purchase. I'd like a balance of bright enough for healthy plant growth and for me to see in, but not so bright the fish are...
  16. Miss-Pepper

    Little Bedroom Aquarium Recommendation

    Hi all, been out of the planted aquarium hobby for a few years now and feel inspired to get back into it. I'd love a little planted tank between 40-60 litres next to my bed. Problem is, there are so many nano style tanks these days I don't know what to pick! I've been looking at ones like the...
  17. Marc Davis

    No Filter, No Heater, No co2, No Ferts. Walstad Nano Fish Tank

    Edit. Thread Bump. Here is the tank now: Hi guys. I set up this tank last night for a long term project. Video explains everything i've done but you can ask me any questions you like. Really fun little tank to make :) I will be doing weekly time lapse videos as updates with key focuses on...
  18. ricreis394

    120x50x50 first high-tech aquarium

    Hello everyone, I started this hobby 2 years ago. Now I want to go further and I'm gonna create a new aquarium, a 120x50x50. Friday my stand will arrive and then I can show to you the results, since that I can post the project picture so you can see the stand. It's a recreation of a ADA stand...
  19. alex08

    Roots and Grit

    Figured i start the new year with a new setup in my 200 litre. So, i worked even more on the hardscape part and i'm well aware of the grade of maintenance i'll have to do. But where's the fun in it if there's no challenge? Starter pack : LxWxH - 100x55x45 cm Lighting - 6x39w (3000k and 6500k...
  20. M

    Plants being eaten by mites?

    Hi all Would appreciate some help in identifying and dealing with a very recent problem! Have had the planted tank for over a year now, and most of the leaves have developed small holes in them. When looking closer there are many black dots about 0.5mm in diameter. Took a leaf out and under...
  21. Kakarot

    My double aquarium stand

    Hey everyone! I've been designing a stand that I'll be building in the next few weeks and I'm just curious what people think of the design and if they'd do anything differently. I'm a carpenter so there's no concern about the weight side of things. The top aquarium is a 90L x 50H x 36D cm and...
  22. AshleyAttwood

    DoAqua! 30x18x24 Hard Scape Input

    Hey fellow enthusiast, I have got this DoAqua! 30x18x24 cm, i just don't know what to do with it in the sense of a hard scape, i want this to sit on my window sill and be a natural tank capturing the sun, obviously when the winter months come i will apply an led over head light system. I do not...
  23. AKD594

    Cleaning an Old Aquarium

    Hi All Quick question regarding re-setting up an old aquarium I plan to set up an old 25L aquarium which I have kept in a shed for a few years (going low-tech planted). Been checked for leaks, filter/lighting/heater all work fine (tank is a sicce moby 25L). No history of disease As it has been...
  24. Ryan Young

    What do you think? Too much wood...

    First of all, I don't people telling me that my substrate and gravel choices are bad or my stone should be moved/ changed. This is simply for feedback on my redmoor placing. So with that established, I am setting up a planted aquarium using a 200L (43G) Fluval aquarium. I have a JBL 2kg CO2...
  25. Jose Duarte

    9 3/4 platform journey

    Hiya all, So, I've just decided to setup a planted aquarium, however due to a history of medium/larger size reefs that I've maintained in the past (with all the work/stress load that it placed in my wife), I was "suggested" that if a new aquarium was going to enter our place should be...
  26. Kyle Lambert

    Aquaone Aqua Vogue lights.

    Does anyone know much about the new aqua vogues led system? all i can find is that there are various light modes witha mix of blue and white LEDs with a total wattage of 44w on the 135l veersion. If im looking to go high tech with co2, ferts and lights would that be powerful enough? does anyone...
  27. Willie B. Thomas

    Help with identifying Algae

    Hello, I need some help from the group to identify some algae that has started to grow in a new aquarium. Maybe more important now can I stop it / kill it! The tank was setup 21 days ago, and for the first 2 weeks I did 50% water changes 2 times a week. I'm using a 50/50 mix of tap and RO...
  28. Willie B. Thomas

    Hello from Berlin

    Hello, My name is Thomas and I've just situp a and tank about 21 days ago. I've been reading this forum for the last week and it's been a great help. Hope to spend more time here learning. Thanks
  29. rustedzeke

    First Planted Aquarium

    This is my lovely 8 day old 100L aquarium - my first attempt at a planted tank! I am extremely pleased with the result. I had an order for a carpeting plant (Eleocharis sp. 'Mini'), which was due to arrive on the day that I started my aquarium, but it has been persistently delayed. Also with...
  30. Nick_593

    Marine Aquarium advice?

    Hi guys. I am doing a study on some marine bioluminescence organisms and need to set up a 'Basic' marine aquaria set-up for the inhabitants. The specimens will be some Brittle stars & Hydrozoans. Could anyone recommend a basic set-up for keeping marine organisms? -Will a substrate be...
  31. Samjpikey

    The Grassy knol

    Hey . This is going to be my first proper attempt at an 'aqua scape '. My previous set ups mainly consisted of low light plants which looked like a mess so want something with a little bit more work. I am planning to plant a DSM 2 weeks today but there's a few things I need to query etc. The...