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My current 'scapes - 65cm NA and 30cm cube

George Farmer

30 Jun 2007
Hi all,

I thought I'd post pics of my current 'scapes before I tear them down soon and create some new layouts. Both have been featured fairly recently in PFK magazine although they've been re-scaped a little.

The first is a Natural Aquario 65x40x45cm. I set it up as a sub-tropical set-up and it's low-maintenance.

The 'scape is basic with broad textures and small plant selection (swords, Anubias, crypts). Fish are zebra danios, cherry barbs and odessa barbs - all happy at room temperature. Because of the cooler temps growth rate is limited. I'm injecting CO2 but only 1BPS using inline diffuser. Dosing Tropica Spec. at 5ml per day.

The LED lighting is powerful so I'm using floating Salivinia natans to add some shade. The fish like the shade too. Photoperiod 6 hours.

na 65cm 1.jpg

The second is a 30cm cube lit with an ADA Mini Solar - 6 hours. Basic planting again but with finer textures for better sense of scale - mini hairgrass, Staurogyne repens, Anubias petite, Pogostemon erectus.

It's low maintenance also. Non-CO2 injection but with liquid carbon, 1ml per day. Dosing Tropica Spec at 1ml per day. It has a small internal filter but I'm upgrading to an Eheim 250T with gUSH glassware with the new 'scape.

30cm cube.jpg

Both tanks have seen massive periods of neglect resulting in big algae blooms and poorly plants, but with a few days TLC I've managed to turn them around.

When I re-scape I'll create new journals. Can't wait! :)

Happy to answer any questions.

Thanks guys. :)

George, how are you finding the Odessa's in 60cm? I had some in a Rio 125 ( lovely fish by the way) but felt they could do with more room as they were very active fish.

Tanks look good. I especially like the cube and hope I can get mine to look half as good.
I know what you mean about the Odessas, but they seem to be thriving in here. I think from an aesthetic perspective they would look much to big if I were using fine textured plants, but the broad textures work with bigger fish.
Awesome fish and I've often looked at them wistfully but never bought because of the scale/aesthetic perspective...but they do indeed seem to work well with broad textures; something to keep in mind for the future.
Great fish choice! Really stand out against the greens. What are they?

Scape looks great. Then again all of your work I've seen looks stunning

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and time.

I think this is what a lot of people forget about.

Some tanks can tank months to reach the desired end result and it can test your patience!

I recently planted up a 'cube' tank and growth is certainly patience-testing. However I have zero algae and have to do very little maintenance.