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oddn0ise 270litre rebuild + Cory collection


19 Nov 2011
South West London
Hi, I'm new to the site, but signed up after seeing the stand at Aquatics Live.

This is my 270 litre tropical tank, it's nearing ten years old now and am getting nervous about the seals...
It houses a couple of cracking L-number Plecs, a couple of Clown Loaches to control the snails, several species of Corydoras and a batch of neons and some home grown shrimps. I've been entering the ADA competition for several years now and after my initial top 300 placing have dropped year on year now to outside the top 1,000.

This is my tank and I have some videos of it if anyone's interested.


Re: New to UKAPS

hey welcome to UKAPS !

Good to have you onboard, tank looks great and getting a top 300 placing is something to be proud of!

Get a journal started

Re: New to UKAPS

Very nice.
Re: New to UKAPS

Thanks Ady/Mike,

Now just three days old but it's feeling good, I'm pleased with how things have come together... as you say should really fill out well.

I'll post the progress.

And when the time is right will get some nice Corydoras
Re: New to UKAPS

Cheers Kris.

It is very early on, but hopefully I can keep the plants looking as nice.

Have lost a few shrimps in the last couple of days so I'm keeping a close eye on things.

Will post some more pictures soon.
Re: New to UKAPS

Here's the latest progress and with the fading LEDs I can now get a nice night time effect.

No sign of Algae, fingers crossed, and all fish are happy. The Tenellus is growing quickly and the Cardarmine Lyrata is starting to show it's potential.

Have plenty of plants left over, well established Crypts, Vallis if anyone wants to trade...

Planted tank day 7

oddn0ise_day_7 by oddnoise, on Flickr

Planted tank day 7 night

oddn0iae_day_7_night by oddnoise, on Flickr