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P@H/Coopet Nano cube

I have such an itch to go and buy 3 more 15ltrs before the're gone, Thinking of Breeding some Bettas and would make great little showcases for my prized ones! (an more to plant too :D)
Your suppoosed to say "dont be stupid you already have 4 Tanks now" anymore would be overkill!

Sorry just did a recount...i have 5 tank :/
They had some in blackpool the other day. i think there was about 3 more on the shelf when i took one. That was over 2 weeks ago though. :p
I can not find these locally only 15L version, can P@H do delivery of 27L version? :)
I called today 4 stores in Greenwich Charlton and one in NW London nobody stocking them then I called to Crayford store and they have some in stock so going there on Thursday.
It's some old thing from Ikia - was going to take it to the dump!

The glass is excellent, very clear compared to my other float glass aquariums. I spent a whole Saturday driving to 4 P@H to collect all 6 :crazy: