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Recommend a filter for nano


22 May 2008
Hi all. I'm looking for a new filter for my nano - I've got a HOB and I find it quite inefficient and it disperses out a lot of co2, so I'm looking for an external filter which will have an inline diffuser, inline heater and spray bar. Thing is, the nano only holds 15l (including displacement), and most of the filter's I've looked tend to have flow rates of 200+lph. So I'm wondering if this would blow my fish out of the water, and if so, can anybody recommend a suitable filter.
Thanks for the info Sam-that's very helpful. And pretty much rules out an Eden. I've also seen some people mentioning some performance issues, and whilst I appreciate that there is always going to be a Friday model, I think I'm going to pass on the Eden.
I'd like to stick with an Eheim-I've got 3 atm and I love them all, but the lowest lph I can find is 400lph, which is too much. I really like the 2211 but I just can't find one anywhere-I'm assuming it's a discontinued model?
I'm leaning towards a Fluval 105 at the moment, which has a flow rate of 330lph, combined with a spray bar. I am concerned that the flow will be too much for my fish and shrimp, so I was wondering if anyone had any experiance with this, or could recommend a filter with a lower lph?
I thought the tetratec ex400 was new to the line of tetras external filters that and the ex2400..so shouldn’t they of "fixed/changed/solved" the problem on these newish models..??

cheers , Alex
I think the EX400 is after the design flaw was discovered.

I use one a Boyu (Eden 501 copy) style filters. 200lph on my 10Ltr Nano. Then I use a Newattino 10W heater (smaller than a chocolate bar.) Easycarbo for CO2. Can't see the point in pressurised on such a small tank :)

Interesting reading folks. The Ex400 looks cool, and I would have thought the leaking issues would have been resolved since they were released later. I'm leaning towards the Fluval 105 atm I think. Superman, how did you turn the flow rate down? I was checking them out in the shop earlier (just couldn't resist having a look-any excuse :lol:), but the flow rate wasn't adjustable. The flow rate was also 480lph, not 440 like I've been seeing on some websites, so maybe its a newer model? I was thinking about fitting an adjustable tap, but I'm not sure if this will strain the motor on the filter, lessening it's life span. Any thoughts?
I have a leaver on the aquastop valve, push down for more flow.

If you look at the picture on the box...


Its the black handle above the semi circle valve, both are currently pressed down.
Ah, I see! Cool idea! I'm definately leaning towards the 105 atm then.
I prefer to buy stuff like that new to be honest, and my LFS is amazing - I buy almost everything off him, so he cuts me a deal on almost everything :D. Have you replaced the tubing on yours? Do you know the internal and external diameter of the tubing? I bought the clear tubing from eBay and AE for my eheim and it looks fab. I'll do that with the Fluval aswell, and I'll buy transparent acrylic piping for the spray bar. It's the first time I've ever used an external Fluval-I found the internal ones great but I've only ever used Eheims as externals because of the internal heater-I love it! So it'l be interesting for me to compare them, although I doubt there'l be much in it-they're both quality brands, but will still be interesting.
It's 16/20mm tubing for the filter but I've stepped down to 12/16mm for the main tubing.
Just keep an eye out for the prices as you can get it for about £50 when some shops advertise it for £20-£30 more.

I didn't get the hose lock nuts from the ebay seller so contacted Hagen customer support and they're sending them free of charge. So, I think I'll get Hagen for my next filter.
That's cool, thanks for providing me with the tubing sizes. I'll be ordering it and will hopefully arrive soon after I get the filter, which will hopefully be Friday! Yay! Lol, thanks for the pricing - my LFS has it for £53, so a good price I think. Good customer service from Hagen then - I really like that!