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Recommend a filter for nano

SteveUK said:
I don't believe the Hydor prime range is manufactured any more? Still, means you could probably find one cheap... but spares might be an issue...

god knows..all i know is that, that shop sells them lol...just pray that you wont need spare parts..

cheers , Alex
Hi guys, just thought I'd let you all know that I bought a Fluval 105 on Friday and just set it up - omg, it's amazing! How did I cope before? I can see a massive difference in distribution, and my drop checker is looking happy in all areas so far. :D. So thanks for all the advice!
Excellent :) At some point down the line you might decide to swap the ribbed hose for clear silicone. It's easy to do, but you need to replace the inlet/outlet for something compatible (i.e. Eheim installation kit or Tetra parts, or lily pipes of course ;))

Glad it's made a difference!
Glad it's made a difference!

Yup, it's made a huge difference-I just can't take my eyes off it :D. Thanks for all the advice! I 've replaced the pipes flexible pipe with clear stuff from AE (16mm), and I've make my own inlets and spray bars with the 16mm tube from this place http://www.clearplasticsupplies.co.uk/m ... eType=data. It's easy to bend the acrylic tube with a butane torch and pipe bender inside so there are no kinks, and then drill holes in the bottom for the inlet and the spray bar. Looks pucker! I've ordered some plants, so will hopefully have some pics (with the filter featuring prominently :D) soon!
Thats a great Idea, would never have thought of doing that! Nice one, Amy

That's cool, hope it's useful! Btw, instead of putting a stopper on the end, I heat it up and then snip the ends with a pair of scissors, it brings it into a V shape and seals it at the bottom, looks slightly better imo. I also drill slats into it with a small round blade, I personally thing it looks better than holes, although it does block quite easily.

Theres a good write-up over at Planted Tank forums about doing this

Awww, gutting - I was actually going to do a write-up! Oh well, I'll have to be quicker next time lol.
Cool. In that case - watch this space! :D.

My plants for the nano also arrived this morning, so I'm going to bend the pipes later, then strip the tank down and replant, so I'll post some pics later.