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saintlys sumatradriftwood scape

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
this is bit of a premature journal.

im still in process of getting everythig together.

i have:

1 tank arcadia 40x30x30
lights 3 arcadia pods
sand ADA bright sand
3 pieces of sumatra drift wood.
mini landscape rock.

i need:

co2 glass ware
external filter.
maybe a new lighting unit.
AS amazonia

prepare for a call AE :D

plant wise?... new ground again. from researching mosses for sure. c helferi, glosso or hc probably glosso. small leaved stems red and green. my god so much to choose from :rolleyes:

anyway a pic...this is what i had before, no design, no scape. but i managed to keep the plants alive. basic co2 ladder etc etc...


this is a basic plan, the wood is just thrown in. ive got another bit which im going to cut. im having a sand front. im using PS just to give the look of substrate. the stones to hold everything together.


anyway, still a month or two away yet. gives me chance to choose plants, scape the thing and get my wife round to my way of thinking :lol:

cool stuff...another journal hey!..just out of interest what carpeting plant is tht in ur arcadia tank....(pictured above)
riccia on slate, and gloss. this was what really got me on the wagon know as "The Nature Aquarium"

this is how it started.you see i didnt have a clue, riccia over the gravel? :?


this was my rena april this year, this is where it all started realy my first planted tank, i had some MAJOR issues with this thing.

cheers for your reply....all your hard work pays off in the end though...more u put in, the more u get out... just a shame that saying seems to include money more than effort in the aquarium world ..lol
Like where this could be going.
Must say though, I had that Sumatra wood stuff, not yours personally Mark :)
Just the way they leave it with those sawn of branches. So ruins every scape I've ever seen with it.
Some people cover them with moss etc. but I just look at them and think 'theres a cut end under there'.

Anyway, goodluck :p
saintly said:
tis rather expensive, seems that anything i do is expensive...thats what my wife says anyway.

Lol! My b/f used to say the same about me. Then he got a marine tank :D Expense on a planted tank [or 3 :oops: ] just pales into insignficance!!
spaldingaquatics said:
If that's L.Sessiliflora like mine in that rena then the constant cutting back would be a hassle

thankfully thst tank ended a few months ago. that was my "learning to grow plants" stage. i had no idea about aquascaping.

nickyc said:
Lol! My b/f used to say the same about me. Then he got a marine tank Expense on a planted tank [or 3 ] just pales into insignficance!!

i'll have to try and get my wife into it. i did buy the optiwhite for her birthday present, but she said she didnt want it....i had do have it! :lol: ungratefull :lol:
this scape has been suspended. im now concentrating on my big tank total rescape. this is currently being run as a nursery. with plants donated kindly by john starkey and london dragon :D thanks chaps.

donation to ukaps coming.

this is purely and simply a holding tank now, these plants are not part of a scape, just in there to grow. as with the moss's and riccia.it's going to get more cluttered soon ;)


saintly's iwagumi part 3 to come. hopefully with valuable lessons learnt.

Looking forward to the new scape, never tried mosses until I joined this forum and got some donated by Ed, now I have a pretty good collection going, just love them.
So far I have Weeping, Spiky, Xmas, Taiwan, Flame, Willow moss and also some Fissidens fontanus :)
LondonDragon said:
Looking forward to the new scape,

thanks LD. now i can see the moss for real, it's a fabulous plant also. even though my big tank is a total nursery mess. i can see how things will look in my next scape(i think) i want it to be quite complicated in layout. ambitious is the word, i think.textures, colour, stones wood. the whole damn lot! :lol: