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Sat Feb 20th - trip to Living Waters + MA Morden (Surrey)

SteveUK said:
Quick question... Anyone got a 500g CO2 cylinder going spare that I could pinch tomorrow? Willing to pay (though, money is tight!) Figure, save on postage etc :)

Worth asking!

I have a full 2kg FE I can grab out the loft and bring for you.
I am off to bed now, but will check this thread and pm's in the morning before leaving to see if you want it.
Hi SteveUK

Glad you can make it.
This may be a bit late in the evening to be of any use, but here goes anyway.
Just a heads up on travelling to Morden on the Northern Line.
Lots of southbound services terminate at Kennington (which is en route), especially on a Saturday.
If you're lucky enough, you may get one straight through to Morden. If not, jump on the first Kennington train and change there. Most times there is a Morden train waiting on the opposite platform.
Usually quicker to do this if there is a long wait for a Morden train :D
oh, thats a shame. I hope Liberty is OK today :)
I got a message from Steve a little while ago to say he could not make it as well.

I am leaving now or I will be late!
Yes, sorry guys. I woke up late (user error on my alarm clock! :rolleyes: ) Managed to get to the train station for a later train but then found my cunning cheap ticket wasn't valid! I'm afraid it's too close to the wrong side of payday to spare £37 on travel :arghh:

Have fun guys! I might have to go around some of my LFS's to at least make up for missing out. Still, one of those LFS's is a Pets at Home :(
Thats a shame. I just got up as well LOL!
So I think I will meet the guys at Living Waters instead :)
Great to meet you all today! sorry I had to leave early ....

Maidenhead aquatics Morden







Lewis deciding just how big to go




Living waters - Darrens Moss tank :clap:

We just got home now lol MA Morden -> Coffee -> Living Waters -> Lunch -> Ceejay place -> then some members came over to my place!! :) its been a long day, now I have shrimp to unbag and plants and mosses to plant ;)

All in all a great day was also good to meet some new faces Chris and Neil. Chris hair grass tank is looking impressive well done mate :)

Thanks Chris (planter) for the photos was nice to see you again and also to see the shop with such a great variety of plants :)
Sorry for the quick post.... I just got home. 10min to feed myself and back out again for the night!

I have some pics too and will try to get them online tomorrow.

Was a good meet up :thumbup:
Likewise. Me and the wife just got home. Paulo asked us over to his and now we have to head back out for dinner party :)

Nice meet and will look forward to the pics.

took me 2 hours to get home :( .great day though,glad i came.good to meet you all :D .
Hi guys.

Great meeting you all today :D

Planter. Great pics of the store and Darren's moss tank. Thanks for posting them :D.

nelson said:
took me 2 hours to get home .great day though,glad i came.good to meet you all .
Nelson. Sorry to hear that. What a bummer :( .

SteveUK said:
So I guess the next question is, what did everyone buy?!
SteveUK. Let's just say one or two transactions took place :lol:

LD. Thanks for the quality shrimp. I'm well impressed, and enough moss to start my own moss tank too :lol: . Great stuff.
LondonDragon said:
Chris hair grass tank is looking impressive well done mate
Thanks LD :D . You've now seen where your shrimp will be living :lol:

All in all a great day out. So well done to a1Matt for getting the ball rolling :thumbup: .
Look forward to the next one :D

Unfortunately (for my wallet), the big moss tank has always inspired me............ I feel a project coming on :rolleyes:
Hi Tonser

MA @ Morden had a major change around of their plants and plant tanks during the back half of last year.
100% improvement on the old layout IMO :D (Well done Chris, aka planter)
Now they even use CO2 in their plant tanks and have a lovely 8 foot long planted display tank that 'planter' ensures us is 'ongoing' :D.
Definitely worth a trip now :thumbup:
The trip was fantastic.

MA is such a cool shop to be at, either you be a fish lover or a plant lover. The variety of plants on offer is perfect, and they are very cheap to start with.

The Rasbora tank is well set up and a eye pleaser. A true work of art.

The MA range of external filters look solidly built, and with a 4 year warranty a good deal, so I got one, for £99 the EFX 400, a filter that turns 1200L an hour, that is a bargain. Will post a review soon, as I now need to get a filter intake guard, otherwise my shrimp will be made sushi. :)

Darren's shop is just perfect. If I ever open a shop will model it on Living Waters. The quantity of mosses on display is just amazing, and Darren's help and sympathy next to none. I haven't been to shop like Living Waters for over 15 years, a true gem.

A great day out, learnt a lot, met amazing people and done great purchases.
Some more pics :)

First off some more of the MA Morden nature aquarium.
My shaky hand and lots of reflections do not do this beauty justice, but it gives you a feel....

full tank



most of my other MA pics are of the same stuff as Planters pics, so I won't post them all.
They did have this one tank full of salt with trees in a cupboard underneath!
Apparently it is called Marine. Very unsettling :lol: :lol:

full tank

close up

mangroves in the sump

(next post some pics from Living Waters)
I'm looking forward to the living waters one, that scape with the blue background and tons of equipment looks very nice indeed, far better than the tank it's in! :rolleyes:
After we had spent some time (and money :lol: ) at MA we headed over to Living Waters.

On the left of the mighty moss tank is Paulo and on the right is CeeJay.

The moss at the very back top left is flame moss.
It is actually growing straight up all the way from the base of the tank :wideyed:
If I recall properly that is about 18 months of growth. Amazing!

Moss is not necessarily low maintenance!
This tank gets a haircut every 2 weeks and Darren is an excellent barber....