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Graeme Edwards said:
Ah ha, my mini Uwagumi, that got allot of attention from the public. It captured the imagination of many people.
Happy days people.

If you want to impress me Graeme, you are going to have to stuff £250 worth of Tropica plants in there! :lol:

Coralline said:
lol, that little tank was ace, i have to say, having seen it in real life, that picture doesnt do it justice! there was a pair of tiny fish in there too, cant remember what now tho, but looked great anyway! :lol:
I did say I wasnt brilliant at pictures ;) this was another one I took, the earlier one was to show the scale. Photos really do no justice though, the tanks were stunning
:D it was a good pic, thats a nice one showing the fish too! it just looked so ace for real, cant wait to try one myself! ;)
I just wanted to say what a totally cosmic experience it was getting to know you all at the show. I was immensely impressed with the stand as well as with your collective dedication to the hobby. Graeme, hope your nano (I guess it's actually a pico) made it home without a spill! Thanks to Dan for the T-Shirt and to George for the rocks. Matt it was great talking to you. Sorry you couldn't make it on Sunday.

Hey there (I’ve rambled on in the ‘intro’ topic already so will try not repeat myself too much!)

Met George, Matt, Graeme & Dan at the festival on the weekend – talked to them for just a few hours or more – sorry about that, far too many questions!! lol

The tanks they had on display were just gorgeous! And the lil’ set-up was too cute, got some fantastic advice too.

My photos aren’t that great really – do the tank no justice, I’m looking forward to seeing the ones taken at night!

Was a real shame there was no PFK Q&A this year round, hoping for next year – and a special plant lecture too??? lol

The weekend on a whole was just great – spent far too much money, but could have easily spent more!

I’m sure the rest of the girls I was with will be over here soon to have a look about :)


Sorry I’m a bit late at posting this but I’ve just got back from a week away…

Anyway, you may well know that the UK Aquatic Plant Society had their debut public outing at the Festival of Fishkeeping recently.

I’d like to think it was a successful event and we achieved our primary goal of increasing the awareness of the UK planted tank and aquascaping scene.

Highlights for me were chatting with the public and sharing my passion for all thing planted tank related. I talked with anyone and everyone from 6 year-old children to 85 year-old veterans.

I was amazed to see how much interest we generated, a reflection I’d like to think of our enthusiasm and dare I say, professionalism.

Being filmed in front of a sizeable audience was in interesting experience too. Especially after 4 hours sleep and too much beer…

There are too many people to thank but those who did know who they are, so thanks!

Roll on the Festival of Fishkeeping 2008.

Friday night – ‘The calm before the storm’

Saturday’s live aquascaping display draws the crowds

Me, trying desperately to make aquascaping in milk look and sound interesting

Display tank – pre-background

Display tank – post-background, 24hrs after ‘scaping.

A ‘jaunty’ angle


(L-R) Graeme Edwards, Dan Crawford, and some geek with glasses…

Dan at work

PFK Deputy Editor, Jeremy Gay, chats with Dan and Graeme

Graeme Edwards ‘scaping the pico using Light Pagoda rock from Aqua Essentials and plants from Plants Alive

Full pico shot

UKAPS entry for Society Furnished Aquaria Contest. We finished 3rd and lost to two “fish” tanks. We’ll do better next year, but refuse to ‘sell-out’ to gawdy fish…

Thanks to our sponsors…
Hi Guys I met George and Danne at the show, tanks looked great and the set-up display was good, had a good chat too the guys and a beer with George even let me have some of his driftwood !!!!
Cheers Jeff Cannons
Frolicsome_Flora said:
yeah did anyone get any other pics?? wish id taken my camera.. stupid bugger I am sometimes..

sorry matt, in all honesty i wasn't interested in anything else there. certainly nothing i wanted a picture of anyway. not knocking it as each to their own but loads of small empty tanks with one fish squeezed into each actually makes me sad rather than excited hence i stuck to UKAPS. I know it was only temporary accomodation for show purposes on the day but still i dont like it. the discus display tank from RO man near the entrance was nice but i think John Sharky posted pics of that in his thread.
Are there any other large fishy events that you plan to roll out the stand/displays at?

Considering the apparent success of this year's stand, will there be a larger one considered for next year?
George Farmer said:

could someone tell me what plants are used in here, i know a few, btu im gonna order some soon, and these all look nice.
me?? i dont think i have my own tank pictures on there yet,,,,? :oops: