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The Root Among The Rocks


8 Feb 2012
Hi everyone firstly hope you are all well.

well am finally doing my rescape after over a year with last scape :oops: so its a long time coming. Not sure how to place pictures n order so i will explain what i did then add images at end.

firstly i partially drained the tank left filter running and removed majority ofthe plants. hence the bucket of buceaphlandra.(will be reusing a lot of my plants)
i thin removed hardscape an left tank to clear abit as was very cloudy.
drained even more then spent hours an hours trying to catch shrimp much more than i imagined so next time will put a trap out days before.
i then set filter up on large blue container and added a few plants and put all livestock in there.
once all out i used a small sweeping shovel to get out the lavarock and aquasoil.
i then kept filling tank and rinsing the glass best i could and cleaned so looked like new. That took a day.
Day 2 i added some of the lavarock an aquasoil into lidl fruit bags and added to tank for some height.(ideal at 49p for 2)
i then added fresh aquasoil and had a play with hardscape. quite happy with final layout so far using bog wood 2 lovely large peices and frodostone.(still jave a lot of large stones left but keep for another day)

and thats it so far, i will be ordering plants today and planting friday as busy tomorro any recomendations etc welcome also have a few questions,
will my plants be ok in a bucket as havnt got in the filter runnig bucket however i could add ino there ?

will it be ok to add my shrimp etcstraght into the tak as carriying out large water changes daily.

thanks and looking forward to sharing my journal Dean


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sorry i was rushed we uploading earlier i settles on that one ten i will add decor gravel around the stones i have tried to stick to rule of thirds and get the points etc in golden ratio in butby no means is it spectacular but i love the wood, i didt even know wht i was going for just had a play and came up with this i quite like the scape cetral as was going to do a triangle coposition agin but happy with this.

any recomendations for plants as after some small crypts etc whats the smallest ? also going for sull carpet this time.

than dean


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Great hardscape, I wouldn't worry about the stones, they'll probably disappear under foliage anyway I'd imagine.

Re the shrimp, if your tank is planted with dechorinated water matching their usual parameters, should be fine to add them again, only thing to beware of is leaching ammonia from substrate, but arguably the established filter should be able to handle it.

If in any doubt, move them to a temp set up for sure, with established media/filter.
Thanks so much everyone for kind words also thanks garf i have bagged all plants an amazing amount of buce dont want to loose them.

Thanks again everyone lookimg forward to friday to start planting ordered more crypts and other plants


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By the way, you could definitely get away with a thiner layer of soil at the front, would make your tank look bigger imo 👌
Used the cigarette filter and glue method yesterday to stick wood and rocks in a few places hopefully doesnt float, think may place rocks ontop just incase 😬.

Will be planting today and getting flooded so will update pictures when done ordered a lot of crypts 😁.

Trying to decide if to put lilly pipes rear right so flow goes behind the stems what you think ? Got the aquario neo jet pipe


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Got planted today however i took motion pictures of the process so only have a few still image's, gutted as took throught whole process but not to worry 😅attatched loads of buce and and planted the new plants, Added dennerle rio xingo around some rocks seems to go really well woth frodo thanks to ady for helping me with this choice.

Plant list is as follows
New plants are
Monte carlo 8x
Cryptocoryne parva 2x
Cryptocoryne wendtii Green 2x
Cryptocoryne petchii 2x
Staurogyne repens 2x
Rotala hra 2x
Red root floater

Old plants replanted
Huge Cryptocoryne not sure type
Loads of anubias and buce
Trident fern

And a few others but i think looks great added all my shirmp afterwards so will be carrying out daily water changes for week 1 and i wont add ferts yet is that best ?

Thanks dean


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