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That video is lovely Tom!

And those are such creative fish photos that you got.

I like those rosy loaches.
Beautiful scape Tom, sorry if I missed it but what's the substrate you're using for new tank? Same John Innes capped with playsand?
Blatantly stealing an idea form Killi, I've recently added a little Ikea clip on LED light for evening viewing. Much better for the fish, and makes the tank look wonderfully mysterious.



As usual, the plants are completely out of control. I'm letting them fight it out :)
I agree you can get really nice effects with dim lighting. And certain fish (especially cichlids) also show much brighter colors in darker light.
Really nice Tom. From the link it seems you choose just one colour with this LED right? Which did you go for?

Link to my thread re variable colour LED strips in case of use for anyone...

The lamp itself is black (plenty of colours to choose from), the light is quite warm (about 3000k I'd guess), which gives it a nice 'golden hour' feel. I'm not a huge fan of cold blue moonlights.
Very nice Tom. I had some appear on mine but cut them off before they flowered as someone told me Aponogetons die after flowering. Do you know whether this is true for the crispus red varieties?