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Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

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hi, im Stu Worrall and I live in Connahs Quay in North Wales.

I got the link from here after speaking to LondonDragon on the PFK forums. I used to be a "student" of Alan Worrelo of Allisons aquarium who got me into planted tanks a few years back. Alan eventually sold up and emigrated to Canada so my local inspiration and source of tropica plants dried up and the tanks fell into disrepute. After a shrimp and fish disaster I kind of gave up until i read recently about Greenmachine in PFK. Ive been up to see the chaps there and decided to get my tanks going again.

Some things seem to have moved on since I was last growing.

Looks like im going to sell my Sera PH Controller and get some drop checkers as theyve gone right out of favour. it was highly recommended to user a PH computer when Alan was growing plants.
I have all Sera kit including testers, KH+ and GH salts and Florena which I was using on my tanks. There doesnt seem to be anyone using Florena on this forum so im wondering if its any good with fertilisers moving on?
Ive got pressurised co2 on both tanks although one tank is small so may upgrade it for FE size.
Ive also got an RO-Man RO unit which i nver got around to installing, Do people still use RO water for their planted tanks?

Im currently mulling over substrates to put in my new tanks, im a bonsai grower so have been reading the Acadama threads with interest. Im leading towards Tropica substrate under Acadama but if I had loads of money free i would possible go with the ADA amazonia for its blackness! (I have small grit/gravel in there at the moment with sera deponit underneath) Im on a tight budget though at the moment so the ADA is kind of out if I want to afford any plants and shrimp to go into the tank!

I need to do a lot more reading on here and get some of the above questions answered. Im lucky in that im only a half hours drive from Greenmachine so will be popping there for advice too (and some more schist rock)

Ill pop up some pictures later of my old tank setups but cant access flickr in work.

Hi my name is Joy,
Had tropical fish since i was tiny and almost a year ago i took over my parents fish as they are moving over seas. Needless to say one tank is never enough and im currently trying to persude me other half to let me have one or two more. I have recently been trying a couple of new things in my tank and am trying to learn more about plants. My local fish shops arent that great and can never get any information about how to better my greeness in the tank.

looking forward to learning from everyone and any tips on getting more tanks in my house are greatly welcome. (also if anyone has one going spare??!) I live in surrey/london area.


Welcome on board Joy, I think you may be in good company, there are quite a few surrey-ites on here and if I remember correctly there are some good shops on the london side. Have a look in the where to buy section to see which ones are closest to you.

If you're after any plants then there's plenty going in the Buy/Sell/Swap section and most will be posted relatively cheaply or for a donation to ukaps :)
Egmel said:
Welcome on board Joy, I think you may be in good company, there are quite a few surrey-ites on here and if I remember correctly there are some good shops on the london side. Have a look in the where to buy section to see which ones are closest to you.

If you're after any plants then there's plenty going in the Buy/Sell/Swap section and most will be posted relatively cheaply or for a donation to ukaps :)

Oh great will deffently check out the local shops, ive found a couple near here but they are a little backwards...!! this poor old fella tried selling me some mollies as guppies.
oh dear, that doesn't bode well :(

Been a bit of a lurker for a while and thought I would join and soak up all the information you guys have.

Ive been keeping tropical fish since I was 14, so nearly 24 years, and before that had the goldfish in its bowl, surprisingly the first one was from the fair and lived for about 4-5 years. The first tropical tank I had was filtered by a small box corner filter with filter wool and a bit of charcoal, and an air pump, how things have changed since then.

I now have 4 aquariums (1 of which is in the process of being set up and deciding what to do with it).
They are a 180 litre aqualantis planted (nowhere near as good as most of you guys) with diy C02.
A 40litre nano
260 litre marine reef tank (hoping to upgrade to a 500litre at some point)
84 litre (undecided)

I am currently thinking of a major overhaul of my 180 litre, and try and create something visually stunning.

Ive read George Farmers regular articles in PFK and have yet to see one of his layouts I dont like. I live in Devon so if anyone is from down here say hi.
I'm Helena, I'm 23, and I live with my partner of 4 years and my daughter, who is 17 months old in a little house, with far too much stuff in it.

Before pregnancy, I had eight tanks set up, some with easy, hardy plants, but all low light, no CO2 setups. I had a few community tanks, a couple of bettas, a betta breeding/fry tank, goldfish, a SAP puffer called Philip, and a Tetraodon Suvatti called Spud, who was the love of my life! I also had 6 pairs of gerbils (I used to breed them for the shop I worked at), a hamster, a chinchilla, a rabbit, and three cats.

I worked in a couple of LFSs, to brauden my knowledge of the fishes, and I'm fairly accomplished at 'spot the disease'. It was nice working with fishes, because I couldn't possibly keep all those different types of fish at home, so the fish shop was where all 'my' fishies were!

During pregnancy, I realised I couldn't take care of them all pregnant, let alone with a baby. So now, I have three cats and only one fish tank, which is 100gals. Recently (end of August 08) I decided I was going to plant my tank up nicely. So I flung myself in at the deep end. Chucked a whole lot of money at it, and I now have a high light setup with lots of CO2 and ferts. But no proper substrate (I have sand) because I'm moving house in a years time. When I've moved, aquasoil will be on the way. But it'll cost an awful lot to buy enough for a 100gal tank and I don't want it all turning to mud. So for now, there's root tabs.

Tank is doing ok so far. I have had the normal newbie problems of algae, but nothing too bad. Today I had to prune my nessea crassicaulis for the first time, as it had reached the top! That's pretty tall, as my tank is 2 foot deep.
Hi All

I'm Andy and I live in Wiltshire during the week and South Wales at the weekends.

I have just got back into fishkeeping after a 20 year break. I used to keep big south american cichlids but this time round it's more of a community type tank (4 X 2 X 2 footer) but biased toward loaches (Botia Striata) but becoming increasingly interested in the planted tank set up.

I'm 52 years old with 2 grown up kids (youngest turns 30 in a few days time :wideyed: :wideyed: ) and I'm currently working
as a mobility engineer (wheel chairs, stair lifts etc). oh and 5 grandkids (oh God I'm getting sooo old!)

I have always had an obsession with fish as you can probably tell by the user name I am also an angler (burnt out angler) at one stage I was fishing every day (3-4 full nights a week after Carp and a couple of evenings after Barbel) and holding down a high pressured job.

Nowadays I like my life to be a little less hectic but do have a hankering to chase a really big Barbel. The obseesion continues :lol: :lol:
I guess i should write a little bit about me.

Im Richie ive just turned 18, I go to college to finish off some things that i didnt manage to get done before i left school.

I want to be a tattooist and im very much into body modification.

Im not as active on forums as i used to be due to college studies, Im also on TFF and Aquascaping world.

I have 2 tanks set up just now only a 2ft and a 4ft they are both basic with some wood hardscape, moss, java fern etc.

But my true passion lies with high tech planted tanks, I love them, but due to insufficient funds ive not been able to "properly" attempt a high tech scape. :(

In the coming months i should be starting off my 4ft high tech planted tank finally, i love college bursarys :)

R1ch13 said:
In the coming months i should be starting off my 4ft high tech planted tank finally, i love college bursarys :)
Glad to see you're putting it to good use ;)
Hi All, Im Andy from Winchester, a late comer to fishkeeping(only started 3 years ago at 39) got totally hooked and now have dedicated a small spare room at home to the hobby with the missus's consent. currently running 4 tanks have a 90ltr fluval roma which at present is just being use as a fish holding tank with planting of course, a 65 ltr tank which my 7 year old son is looking after with 9 various shubunkins( no planting), 200ltr fluval roma ( my main seriously planted tank)with co2 and probably not enough turnover at present!, and finally a made to measure tank aprox 225ltr (1.6m x 50cm x 30cm )which is only in its first month of setup ( so early days on this one)this last one Im trying to create a biotope so will be keen for some advice from you all in the next few weeks, Ok. regards...... :)
Hi everyone, my name is Kev and I'm from the Cheshire area of the NW. I have been fishkeeping for 3 years. I started when I was 16 (now 20) in 2004 with a 60cm community tank with a few plants along with a variety of other tanks ranging from a little 2.5g Pico-reef right up to the 60cm community. I had a 12 month break and now I'm getting back into the hobby... let's just say the bug is back with a vengeance :lol:

I have always been fascinated with aquascaping whether it be a really dense planted tank or something with not many plants at all. I recently stumbled upon George Farmer's Chocolate Gourami Biotope and instantly fell in love with it. I have decided I will be digging out the old 60x30x45 and doing somthing similar but a South American Biotope rather than Asian.

Finally, I hope to get to know some of you guys a little better and I shall be doing some re-learning along the way :D

Thanks for the welcome guys :D I noticed TGM was fairly close, I may have to take a trip down after payday :lol:
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