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Where to buy in East Anglia.

Shop Name: Aquatics Express

Location: Norwich

Directions: 155 Magdalen St, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1NF

What they Offer: Tropical and Marine fish, stunning corals and more.

Tropica/Ada Stockist: No They do have few comon plants mostly cuttings and so, however I did buy Duckweed there.

Overall Verdict: Clean and well kept the focus is on the fish and not on the plants. Very freindly and helpful staff working there. The good thing on this shop that there are open in Sundays and in Thursday they are open till 8pm. They do sell most of the Seachem lines and also do not mind to order for you.
Sometimes they do offers like I did buy 10 ghost shrimps for ONLY 1£ (love those litlle creatures) :)
Shop Name: Wayside Aquatics

Location: Brentwood, Essex

Directions: 5 Blackmore Rd, Doddinghurst, Brentwood. Essex, CM15 0HU

What they Offer: Tropical only. Most of it Dutch tank bred and excellent quality. Often a selection of the rare and unsual.

Tropica Stockist: Good selection of very healthy Tropica plants, plus sundries.

Overall Verdict: Small, but perfectly formed. Jim the owner, is a master of natural aquariums. His display of planted Jewel tanks are testament to his skill and knowledge. Most of the stock supports his planted, slow and natural beliefs. Superb quality stock, all tank bred and A+ quality.
I agree that Waterzoo is a really good store, good products helpful staff and lots of advice!
Kesgrave Tropicals

122 Main Rd, Kesgrave, Ipswich IP5 1BN

Great little shop, its actually an extension on there own house, loads of tanks, loads of unusual fish.

Staff extremely knowledgeable, also have a very successful ebay shop
Shop Name: Letchworth Aquatics

Location: Letchworth

Directions: 66 Leys Ave, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EG

What they Offer: Tropical and Marine fish, corals and more.

Tropica/Ada Stockist: No They do have few common plants though

Overall Verdict: Good family run business, very clean and friendly. My LFS and they can order in any requests you give them.
Hi all,
I was in Norwich last month and popped into "Scaped Nature".

Joe is the proprietor, following Ray's retirement, and he was very good to talk to and the shop was very interesting and "gallery like"

Shop Name: <"Scaped Nature">
Location: Norwich
Directions: 60 St. Giles Street Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1LW
01603 761900

What they Offer: Plants, Hardscape, vivarium supplies, reptiles and frogs.

Tropica/Ada Stockist: Yes.

High spot: The gorgeous <"Vietnamese Mossy Frogs">.

cheers Darrel
I haven’t been to Scaped Nature in a while but I am looking forward to popping in when I’m next down. It’s a really nice little shop.