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Where to buy in the North East.

Hi all, found a great aquarium store in team valley, gateshead today. The guy is really friendly, had some amazing fish that I have never seen before. He stocks Sachem stuff and is also happy to order in for you.

The shop does both tropical and marine.

Green tiger barbs looks particularly impressive! Ill definitely be going back, reasonable prices aswell!

AM Aquatics
9 Hadrians Ct, Gateshead NE11 0XW
0191 597 3030

When I was there I bought flourish root tabs and a barclaya longifolia bulb :)
Not many of these comments seem to be (what I consider) to be ACTUALLY in the North East!:happy:

@dan4x4 is right, Ash and the guys at AM Aquatics in Team Valley Gateshead are really helpful. they have recently done out the fish section and they frequently have event nights (or at least for their marine stuff). They also had possibly the biggest Discus I've seen.

Further afield I would go to Fish Alive in Dragonville Durham- big set up, not so much on plants but a huge range of fish. I got my Aquanano 40 from there and they were really helpful. They stock huge range of shrimp, and also massive Oscars, Arowana and stingrays, if that's your thing.

If you're prepared to travel, I cannot recommend Chilton Aquatics in Ferryhill enough. Paul and the gang are amazing, they have a huge range of products and fish. I bought my Juwel Lido from them. They stock the full range of Juwel & Aqua one tanks. They also cater for the entire Seachem range too and a large choice of live wood and rocks. They have a big marine set up and general aquatics. But they also have a hidden room at the back- extra insulated with Kingspan on all the walls-the room is simply just full of breeding angels and prize winning Discus fish. Every visit seems to take me an hour as the lads are full of knowledge, the wife just loves sitting in the car up there waiting for me:shifty:

Further across Newcastle there's not a great deal...there was a place called Betta Aquatics in Byker, not sure if that's still there.

Dobbies at Ponteland couldn't sex Guppies and were really expensive, the guys at Birtley were a bit better but seemed understaffed.

I would say stay well clear of fish at P@H Washington (or any others for that matter), but the plants I've gotten from there are just too much of a bargain to pass up! The staff would always give me extra tropica pots looking (a tiny bit) worse for wear if I bought something... they were amazed how everything comes in so healthy, seems to pearl for a few days in mere tap water, then just rot away... catch em at the end of a week for bargains :thumbup: I've been given vals, Nymph Taiwan, crypts, cardamine lyrata, umbrosum etc that all just needed a little TLC.

I'll follow this post because I'm always on the look out for shops around. Ash at AM is the closest for me, but Paul and the lads at Chilton are right near my parents should I chose to visit:pompus:

Further across Newcastle there's not a great deal...there was a place called Betta Aquatics in Byker, not sure if that's still there.

I think that place has shut down now, it was briefly taken over by MD aquatics in Jarrow but I think they might have closed it for good now!

The two local places I use are:

Aqualand over near the metro centre which has good variety of tropical freshwater and marine fish and seem fairly freindly and clued in on keeping a planted tank or reef tank (although I should point out I have only ever used them to buy tropical fish).

Gosforth pets and aquatics which while they don't actually sell plants (so may not be that relevant) being more of a general pet shop they do have a good selection of fish that are reasonably priced and I've never had any issues with them. (It also helps that they are the RIGHT side of the river!!!)
@Missive00 seeing as I'm from Gateshead, we probably share different views about which is the better side of the river ;)

I did the rounds a few weeks back looking for bogwood. Aqualand has all been done out, I see they featured in Seachem's roadtrip alongside AM Aquatics Team Valley, and the guys at Chilton.

Anyways Aqualand has (and has always had) an amazing selection of bettas, including jumbo females that people come from all over to get. He did not have much wood in stock at that time, and there'd been a muddle up with the plants, think he'd been send a lot of terrestrial plants which are no good for tanks in the long run.

I called into Blaydon exotics, they're about to move to a huge warehouse premises in a week or so. They stock some monster fish, but they could with monster pricetags. Charging £99 per fish whether S,M or L for Altum Angels, and crazy money for baby arowana.

Eventually I landed back in Team Valley and AM (who have also just refurbed) had a huge selection of wood, and now I've just seen they have a big plant section.

any reccomendations for yorkshire... leeds? still north east, technically north central but there isnt a place for that
I'll start with being negative to get it out of the way. Local to me are Ferrybridge Aquatics: The staff are friendly and they carry a wide range of dry goods, but I haven't really got anything more positive to say about the place. They've won multiple 'awards' and aren't shy about advertising the fact. My essential point is that while experienced fishkeepers are well equipped to pick and choose and sift the advice they are given, beginners should take what they're told with a pinch of salt, especially concerning salt. I could say more, but I just wanted to balance previous positive posts and insert a note of caution with regard to this shop, especially if your interest is in softer water species. Put simply I will not be returning. YMMV

More unusually anyone in the Doncaster area (about an hour south from me) should have a look at Fromfry - I think James is a decent bloke - a hobbiest trying to start up a business and running things a little differently. I think his heart is in the right place and I hope he's successful. He obviously cares more about the fish than the decor and I'm not entirely sure how he makes any money, but what I can say is that his prices are exceptionally affordable! One of the ways he does this is to sell the fish quite young - and I think this is a good thing: It means they grow out in my water, under my care and with my food. In the last six months I've had 40+ fish from him and they're all thriving.

Other than the above, in my immediate area there are some very run of the mill garden centre based shops, often part of the MA franchise. While I know these vary considerably across the country, with some down south being exceptionally good, North Yorks versions of MA run from just average to really pretty poor IMO. MA near York is pretty good compared to those nearer Leeds, though this opinion is probably skewed simply because there are a couple of very decent older chaps who are obviously doing their best despite "the management".

I have to say that in general Lancashire has a lot more to offer enthusiastic fish keepers. In my trips there I almost invariably end up chatting with staff who are themselves enthusiastic, and even if our areas of interest don't always overlap, it's always a pleasure to learn and that enthusiasm is pleasantly infectious. Pier Aquatics, The Abyss and quite a few others - even the garden centre type seem to have raised their game.