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Who are your favourite youtubers?

8 Mar 2020
Hi I thought I would share these as they entertain me a lot!

Catch Em All Fishing

Predatory Fins - amazing! He is running some fish sanctuary and has very large fish like red tail cat fish and sharks! Love this guy!

Ohio fish rescue - they take in big fish that people find they can no longer keep, has loads of aquariums and the guy turned his own pool (a proper swimming pool not like a above ground one) into a massive fish pond - he has some massive fish in there!

Paul Cuffaro - young man aquarium enthusiast - so successful he has bought his own house by the age of 18 with the money he earns from YouTube!

Anyone here have any other recommendations? Any British YouTubers you know of? I only found one decent guy called George Farmer, he does really good planted aquascapes.
I like the content of "SerpaDesign", but at the risk of being rude; I can't stand the guy in the videos voice!
Thanks I'll look these up! I have uploaded videos of my bottle aquarium, drinks dispenser aquarium and I turned a bubble tube light show device into an aquarium too.
this must have been covered elsewhere on here before but (I’m no particular order):...
Juris Jutjajevs
Tank Tested
Green Aqua
Nigel Aquascaping

for something less well known - The Planted Tank has really been grabbing my attention recently
Ta aquaculture is a superb shop. Well worth a visit, with fish you'll rarely see anywhere else. I enjoy the way they have plants just dotted around their fish room to see what works.

I enjoy the pond guru series below on making a wildlife pond. Especially the hibernaculum and the way he does the edge, purposefully to create habitats for wildlife. His other pond build videos are good too. Pity he switched to videos about filters.