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21 Feb 2008
Strangely enough Corsham has been referred to as <"Cornwall in the Cotswolds">, but both "constantly sunny" and "a lovely sandy beach" might be pushing it a bit.
Indeed it is lovely, let's see how long this lockdown lasts before people start flocking out of London! lol
Years ago I went to Afife (N. of Viana do Castelo), and the ten days I was there it fulfilled all your requirements.
I am originally not far from Viana, lovely place oh I miss Portugal, due to some surgery did not go there last year and had a long trip planned there this summer to both Lisbon and north and everyone knows what happened to those plans!! :(

They are now all potted and in a water trough, I will take a photo tomorrow when the water has cleared I have my next pair of special socks ready
Awesome work and sorry for the hijack ;)


15 Nov 2015
They look much better now but you might not get much out of the smaller ones this year but they will romp away next year. I wouldn't worry too much about their orientation as they will find their way quickly enough.
You will likely need to thin them out a fair bit next year. I had a large lily that I broke up when I built my brothers wildlife pond. I got 5 lumps the size of your smaller/medium bits and have removed 3 of them now, 2 years later, so I can see the waters surface again.


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6 Nov 2019
Just taken.
Canna lily's both in flower now the red one was about 1 week behind in flowering.
The second water lily now has a bud just poking out of the water I think its a white one.
The iris plant to the right I got from my parents at the same time as the large water lily, it's just in a basket with pebbles keeping it down at the moment as it was cut off from a larger plant that had no soil as it was so root bound in a pot.
All of the new water lily plants are growing well, got some light algae growing on the plants and pots it just floats off if I rock the baskets, properly due to me using tap water and also there will be a lot of rotting rhizomes in the water.
Going to do a 100% water change and clean the plants off later today.