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130Ltr - Rescape - Fake plants!

skeletonw00t said:
Because I don't have aquarium lights on 7-9 hours a day lol :p

That still does not guarantee you wont get Algae !!! My mate has a fish tank with fake stuff in it. Lights on for an hour each night, no more. Sometimes not at all. He still has to wash the plants every month.
Time will tell i guess. Not to big a deal washing them once a month though I guess. I'd say I probably will have to do that to be honest - rather that though!
Absolutely ! But just wanted you to realise it was not a recipe for algae free. Once a month is not a lot of cleaning and you get a rescape to boot hehe.
I can see that you have used high quality plants from the Sydeco range of plants, and are those the new Okishi Resin hardscape rocks(they are not cheap).
I might add some bleach to the water to prevent algae - i'd have to use plastic fish then too though!
Yeah those are the ones Gill.

Really impressed with the rocks - can't believe how real they look!

The plants are good too but would be even better if they made ones that are replica's of real plant species.
yes, thought i recognised them, from the ones george used in one of his scapes.

there is a alot more choice now on ebay from china, and they do look good
Added some cherry shrimp. About 30... They lasted about 1 minute and then got eaten.

Well annoyed - i didn't think any of the species i have would be a problem with shrimp.

I hope a few managed to survive & hide but i doubt it!
I have Amanos in with Apistos and Pelvicachromis so I think you will be fine with them with Rams :)
hows this running mate, any issues?