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130Ltr - Rescape - Fake plants!

When I ran my Vision 180, with plastic and silk plants for a month odd with no lights, plastic plants still aquired a black slimey coating of BBA.

Reason for a month odd with no lights was, light unit "blew up" (took it apart burnt out PCB) and local fish shop ordered a replacement (should have ordered a T5 unit, but had quite a few T8 spare tubes so ordered T8), but arrived to them damaged and a smashed tube.... :sick:. They reordered and wrong unit arrived....finally 3-4 weeks later odd correct unit arrived and all OK.
Mmm well i'll see how it goes with no lights (just for viewing). I can't see how algae would thrive as there simply won't be enough light/nutrients for it to grow (only fish waste). The tank is heavily over filtered too.

I have 4 otto's and some cherry shrimp though too - they don't make much difference though in all honesty.
The lack of live plants has nothing to do with algae, and it needs little nutrients.
^^^^true dat...i have seen many a plastic plant tank with little or no algae.

good luck with it mate!
Emptied tank to clean it all today. Still couldn't manage to scrub off the green algae from the silicone.

I have filled the tank up with warm water & bleach and am going to leave it to soak for a day or two.

Is it safe to do this? The bleach won't corrode the silicone or anything?
It depends how strong the bleach is, LOL. No it should not do any damage but I would not leave it longer than 24 hours. Did you try Cillit Bang ? Or hydrogen Peroxide ? Whatever you use remember to rinse, rinse, re rinse and rinse again. And use a bigger than normal portion of Prime when you fill with water :)
Tanks all clean & ready now...


Only problem is the algae on the silicone which just won't come off.

Shame really as it's a nice tank apart from that :(

So have you tried either of those things I suggested ?

The other thing you can do is to SOAK some rolled up kitchen roll in bleach and then lay it along the silicon and hold it in place with clingfilm, then leave it a while. maybe having neat bleach on it will work ?

Also, send Clive a PM in case he has not seen this thread ? He may be able to help. Shame to leave it like that :(
Yes tried everything mate - no luck :(

Going to just have to live with it I suppose.
skeletonw00t said:
Yes tried everything mate - no luck :(

Going to just have to live with it I suppose.

Hmm if it was ME, (and Im just saying, LOL) then I would have the tank re sealed. Its such a great tank, seems a shame to have mucky sealant :( Is that an option ? I know it will delay you but I cant help feeling that it will always be there niggling you and then if/when you get algae on your plastic plants you will be even more annoyed.

Go on, take it in and get them to take it apart and re silicone it :thumbup:
skeletonw00t said:
Where could i get that done & how much would it be?

Where abouts are you in the country ? I suspect the first port of call would be to put a post up on here saying "I live in XXXX, can anyone tell me of any decent tank makers in this area?" :thumbup: You may even find a decent glazier knows what they are doing, or the LFS's near you should be able to recommend someone. As far as how much will it cost, you will need to ask whoever you find.
Ok so finally picked up my gravel today & have completed the scape, what do you think:




Can't wait to add a lot of colourful fish.

Hopefully it will be nice & easy to maintain too!
Yeah i agree tim. Not sure about them myself really.

Dont think they are needed really & tey dont really blend in. Tempted to remove...
skeletonw00t said:
Yeah i agree tim. Not sure about them myself really.

Dont think they are needed really & tey dont really blend in. Tempted to remove...
Think if you grouped a few of them together around the base of some of the larger rocks they would work quite well at softening the transitions between hard scape and substrate
Looks good though mate :thumbup:
Ok i'll try that.

You're right though they will probably be more effective in groups rather than just dotted around!